Grand Theft Auto 5 Money Makers (F the Stock Market!!!)



I hope everyone is having as much fun on Grand Theft Auto 5 as I am.  This game is just insane, but if you play anything like me….you are already broke after you first heist.  I can’t help that I like to buy every piece of clothing at every clothing store I find.  I have to keep Franklin clean!  We have made a few posts about making money off the stock market, but there are other ways to make bank young criminal.  Here are the few ways I’ve found so far.

  • Get into the Real Estate game – I was hoping this was going to be more like Fable, but I guess that would be to easy. Correction, it IS like fable. Some properties have a weekly payout for the owner. One property in the game pays 200k!  The property you buy come with side missions.  These side missions pay money, and can become a decent stream of income for the committed.  When you get Trevor, you get a very obvious chance to by a hangar.  After you buy it you get the opportunity to move drugs and weapons for a decent price.
  • Do some Racing! – What’s the point in tuning up your car if you don’t plan on using that new engine?  Winning the races can get you paid.  It will also boost your driving skill.  It’s pretty much a win win.
  • People Watch ATMs…and then kill them – If they just left the ATM they must have cash on them right?
  • Good Ole Gruppe 6 – The Gruppe 6 security truck/van vehicles carry a decent amount of money.  Make sure you carry some explosives with you, blow off the back doors, and steal the loot!
  • Invest in the Guns – Yes I said “F the market” but people use a lot of guns and bullets in Los Santos.  Why not invest in that?  I would invest in them early.  I believe there should be something listed on BAWSAQ….you know…the player driven market.
  • Do the Side Missions – This one is pretty obvious, but thought I would throw it in here anyway.  Some side missions lead to a decent amount of cash.  I read a story of someone giving a ride to one of the “randomly generated” side quests in the game.  Got 100k when he dropped him off.  Turns out he was the CEO of some company.
  • Ummm…Cheat – I am surprised I haven’t cheated yet, but there is an infinite money cheat in the game.  I believe you just have to find some money hidden under water.  Once found, pick it up and then switch characters.  Every time you switch the money will respawn.  Just keep doing it until your rich I guess.  Just do a quick search on youtube/google and you will find it.

Feel free to add ones I missed in the comments!

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One thought on “Grand Theft Auto 5 Money Makers (F the Stock Market!!!)

  1. […] Either way, this is what I got right now.  The game has only been out a few days, so a lot of this will be figured out over the next few weeks.  It just sucks because I want to know right now.  I hope that this helps someone find the answers.  If it hasn’t take a quick peep at these money making techniques! […]


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