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Destiny Beta is Now With Us…I Have Something to Play


So we haven’t been very active lately.  Apologies people, but like we have always said we aren’t a gaming news blog.  We only produce content when it’s enjoyable.  We don’t get much joy out of posting pointless gameplays and commentaries just to keep up with everyone else trying to make it as a YouTube super star.  We are currently in the early days of a new console generation, but with all the heavy hitters coming this fall you can expect a little more action at weRgamerz.

We will start with the Destiny beta this week.  This game has been at the top of our list since last year.  This isn’t a promise of content, but I (Wes) will be recording some gameplay.  If I come up with a commentary worth sharing then I’ll just post it on here, but if not I may just wait a little bit longer to get back on my YouTube mission.  I’ve watched gameplay online when Playstation player got access, and it was pretty boring to watch (in my opinion).

Are any of you playing right now?  Will you be playing the beta this week?  Add me on live, and maybe we can get a session in (WesdaRuler).


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Titanfall CTF: SMG Gameplay (26-4)

April is here and with it new uploads.  The commentaries are coming tomorrow.  Could have gotten them up tonight…..but I be lazy.

Music provided by myself (WesdaRuler) and Professa.  All songs are available for download via the bandcamp links below.

WesdaRuler’s Bandcamp

Professa’s Bandcamp


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Titanfall Attrition: Compact SMG Gameplay

So thanks to my brother, I now own Titanfall for the Xbox One.  I managed to rack up  a few gameplays over the weekend, and plan to have an overview/impressions video out next month. Here is some SMG gameplay to hold you over.  You know…just incase you haven’t seen enough Titanfall gameplay.

Are you enjoying the game so far?


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Ryse: Son of Rome…The “Other” Version [Monthly Feature]

This month’s YouTube feature comes from myself.  I know, it’s kinda corny posting my own video as a feature on my own site, but cut me a little slack here.  It was either this or ANOTHER Titanfall video.  Do you really need more options to watch that game?  Every Xbox One out there can broadcast it to Twitch now.  I understand that the hype is real, but at this point you can just play the darn thing.  Don’t worry though.  We will have some recorded evidence of Titans falling shortly.


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BF4 Hip Fire 2000: Will It Only Be Titanfall?

I could’ve loaded some Titanfall gameplay…you know I got it.  I’ll probably load another shotgun gameplay this week, but there will be plenty of places to watch the bot slaying fest.

My question…will there be anything else to watch???


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What Will You be Playing Next Week?


Well people, the hype is alive and well in my circles.  It seems all of my friends will have Titanfall the minute it releases.  I expect to see plenty of Titans falling on Tuesday, but for the people  not into that what will you be playing next week?  I know that Dark Souls 2 will also be releasing on the same day.  I’ve been looking at the new Plants vs. Zombies.  Might give that a shot this weekend.  I also read that Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer will be free this weekend for Xbox One & 360.  No harm in finally giving that game a try.

As for weRgamerz updates:


Expect a couple of uploads this weekend.  As I’ve stated before, I have switched to more of a once a month kind of thing.  I don’t know how many videos will be released at once, but I let them all go at one time, and run away for the rest of the month.


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Respawn: Making Titanfall (Youtube Monthly Feature)

Respawn uploaded an interview with FTW.  I picked it for this month’s “Youtube Monthly Feature“, but not because it’s Titanfall related….which really is enough on it’s own.  Though the interview was brief, hearing a little about how Respawn started after the whole legal situation was very interesting.  They mentioned sitting on fold out chairs with literally no equipment, and just talking about games they liked or disliked.  These conversations are what made Titanfall possible.   Now I won’t pretend that these guys really went through a true struggle.  They were already pretty well off thanks to those Call of Duty games, but it’s still an interesting story.


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Nintendo: Mario Kart this Summer, Mobile App, and More

+ this one

It’s no secret that Nintendo wishes they were doing waaayyyyyy a little better right now. We all have heard about the pay cuts due to those other guys selling more in two months weak Wii U sales. The general public has pretty much written the Wii U off, but a lot of news is dropping from their press conference today that might put a smile on the faces of the 5+ million Wii U customers they do have.

Mario Kart is coming this summer (May?)! I still love this game to death and it’s pretty much an auto buy for me. They shared plans for a new “Nintendo app”. Not sure what this really means, but I assume it will attempt what’s already available from Microsoft and Sony. They also mentioned licensing out their characters to 3rd parties. Not 100% sure what this really means, but I saw random comments hoping for something along the lines of the Kingdom Hearts series. We can hope…


I am a huge fan of the Wii U. I like the system and what it offers, but I don’t see it lasting much longer. I keep trying to think of some type of magic plan to make it a “must have”, but even with the new Mario game out (which is an amazing game) they couldn’t convince consumers.

Oh well….I’ll will still be enjoying Mario Kart this summer.

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Battlefield 4: Grown Man S*** (BF4 TDM)

A man gotta do what a man gotta do…



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A Change in Scope

Intro-2b (1)

It’s been a fun but bumpy road for the weRgamerz crew.  When DC and I came together to start this DC wasn’t working full time, and I wasn’t a father.  Fast forward to now and well….everything changed.  Time is a precious thing.  It’s funny how today I can share a blog post with (potentially) millions in a matter of seconds, but still can’t find the time to write it.  I had big dreams for where this brand was going.  I still believe we can get there, but I can’t do it alone…at least not in it’s current state.

I don’t want to get into the business of over promising and under delivering.  That just isn’t my thing.  I’ve tried to fix things by adding another blogger, but we all suffer from “noTIMEatALL” problems.  So, I’ve decided to re-visit the scope of weRgamerz.  I don’t want to quit entirely because it’s fun sharing these stories with you.  It’s fun doing the commentaries and sharing my gameplay.  The love (and hate) messages I receive on YouTube were sometimes the highlight of my day!


I (Wes) will start back making posts on YouTube via a NEW weRgamerz channel.  Our current channel has some weird issues that we tried to work out with Google/YouTube, but we don’t have enough subscribers for them to care.  I know this pretty much means I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN, but maybe that’s a good thing.  It will give me a fresh start in a way as the content will be a little different.  I will post a mix of Xbox One and Wii U footage…let me explain before you give me the “F Wii U” talk.  I will NOT be posting Super Mario or Zelda lets plays.  I will not torture you like that.  The Wii U footage will most likely end up being funny intros or outros…..though an occasional rage sessions might be shown for your entertainment.  My posts will not be weekly like I attempted in the past.  I will probably only post 1-2 times a month.  This has a lot to do with lack of time, but I believe this will also make the commentaries a little more interesting.  I will have more to talk about in a short period of time.  Also notice I said Xbox One above.  I currently plan on holding off until Titanfall is out.  If BF4 was such a technically terrible game maybe I would’ve have made the jump sooner.  In the meantime, I might post some of my BF4 matches from the Xbox 360 jus to have SOMETHING up.


I will still posts random gaming news that I find interesting.  We still don’t have any plans of becoming a news source for you.  We will start to become a hub for YouTube gaming videos and commentaries.  This will not just be my content.  I will be featuring other channels.  One in particular will be my IGZ family (check us out!).  There will be plenty of others also.  I will try my best to pick low profile channels with high quality content.  I will also start back doing my “Gamerz Talk” audio blogs and loading them here.  This will be once a month.

Thank YOU

To anyone who takes the time to read a post, or watch even a minute of a video…thank you.  You don’t have to share your time with us, and trust me we have a HUGE respect for your time.  I hope you all will continue to run with us in our new form.  At the end of the day, weRgamerz is passion rather than a job.  A hobby I love.  I don’t really care if it takes off and becomes a viable business.  I just want it to be fun (which it is!).

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