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Titanfall will not have SplitScreen

There has been a lot of Titanfall stuff released on the internet.  Most notably the beta file dump I shared earlier.  Here’s one rumor I’ll clear up for you.  Titanfall will not have splitscreen options according to the above tweet by Respawn.

I guess sharing the screen is SO last gen.

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Titanfall Maps and Modes Revealed! [Retail Version]


A user by the name of RazorUK took a look in the Titanfall game files and found some interesting stuff.  The full details are located here, but I’ll list a few things below.  Peep the link for weapon lists, perk lists, and map pictures.

Please note that this information could be wrong.

Our beta overview/impressions

How do you feel about the lack of single player?  Will 14-16 maps at launch be enough to look it over?  Personally, [minus Halo] I stopped playing FPS campaigns YEARS ago.


AT – Attrition?
TDM – Team Deathmatch?
CTF – Capture the Flag?
LTS – Last Titan Standing?
HP- Hardpoint Capture?
VM – Variety Mode (a mix of all the other modes listed, sans campaign)
Campaign Multiplayer


angel city
outpost 207
smugglers cove
training ground* [not sure if this will be an actual map]

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Project Spark Beta Might be Coming to Xbox One Next Week

Coming this month?

Coming this month?

Word on twitter is that the Project Spark beta might appear on Xbox One next week.  I’m not sure how excited people are about this game, but I have been playing the PC beta for about a month.  I think this game will be worth a look.  Similar to Little Big Planet, the possibilities are endless.  This can really be any kind of game that the community thinks of.  I’m a terrible creator, but I have fun playing and rating other created worlds.  I’ve been considering doing a feature for community created content on this blog and our channel, and the Xbox One beta would be the perfect time to gauge interest.  Not sure if it’s really coming next week, or this month for that matter.  There’s a chance it gets pushed to March.  Peep CVG’s article on it for more details.

We shall see.


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Nintendo: Mario Kart this Summer, Mobile App, and More

+ this one

It’s no secret that Nintendo wishes they were doing waaayyyyyy a little better right now. We all have heard about the pay cuts due to those other guys selling more in two months weak Wii U sales. The general public has pretty much written the Wii U off, but a lot of news is dropping from their press conference today that might put a smile on the faces of the 5+ million Wii U customers they do have.

Mario Kart is coming this summer (May?)! I still love this game to death and it’s pretty much an auto buy for me. They shared plans for a new “Nintendo app”. Not sure what this really means, but I assume it will attempt what’s already available from Microsoft and Sony. They also mentioned licensing out their characters to 3rd parties. Not 100% sure what this really means, but I saw random comments hoping for something along the lines of the Kingdom Hearts series. We can hope…


I am a huge fan of the Wii U. I like the system and what it offers, but I don’t see it lasting much longer. I keep trying to think of some type of magic plan to make it a “must have”, but even with the new Mario game out (which is an amazing game) they couldn’t convince consumers.

Oh well….I’ll will still be enjoying Mario Kart this summer.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming to the US early 2015


It’s been officially announced that Monster Hunter will make another appearance in the US via Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.  This is pretty much Monster Hunter 4G in Japan.  It will only be available on the 3ds (good or bad?), but thankfully it WILL include online multiplayer.  This has been my only gripe with playing this game on handheld consoles.  Of course, the graphics won’t be as powerful as they could be on the Wii U (or those other 2 consoles), but it will feature all the new combat and movement options.

You can peep the announcement video below for more information, but I now have a reason to pick up a 3ds in 2015.

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Ubisoft Shows off it’s Snowdrop Engine with Gameplay from “The Division”

This is a game that everyone should be looking out for. 

Ubisoft shows of it’s new engine dubbed “Snowdrop” by showcasing some beautiful views from their upcoming game “The Division”.  I haven’t picked up my Xbox One or Playstation 4 yet, but I will definitely have one of the two under my TV by the time this game comes out.  It looks amazing.


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PSN has been HACKED!!! Please Reset your Logins and check your Accounts!


Just read on IGN that some Playstation Network users are finding fraudulent charges on their financial accounts.  One as large as $650 bucks!  I urge all owners of the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 who use Sony’s online services to please reset your PSN account, and check your bank/credit card activity ASAP!!!!  This really does suck, but the internet can be a crazy place.  Just please don’t ignore this!

IGN link here!

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Playstation 4 Unboxing + 1TB Hardrive Install (Courtesy of IGZ)

Our homie Snow for the Ignorant Gamerz crew shows off his brand new PS4!  Lucky bastard (hatehateHATE!)….anyway…

Witness Sony’s latest creation in it’s console glory as Snow shows you what to expect when you open your PS4 retail box for the first time.  You’re also in for a special treat.  After hearing about the 50gb+ game installs for next gen, people are worried that the 500gb standard that the next gen consoles are setting just won’t hold up.  IGZ has you covered!  Watch Snow install a 1tb hd.

Looks like the IGZ squad has you Sony boys covered!


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GTA Online Beach Bum Pack Incoming Next Week!!! (FREE!)


I knooooowwww… gen is right around the freaking corner, but lets not act like 80+ million people will be rocking PS 1s and Xbox Fours this year.  For the vast majority of you this is still exciting news.  GTA Online will be getting it’s first DLC next week.  We are getting new missions (no heists sorry), weapons, vehicles, clothes, and more.  Time to put down the Call of Battleduty 4: Ghosts and revisit the streets of Los Santos.  If you haven’t been on for a while you might be in for a lucrative surprise when you log back in.

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Xbox One shows off it’s Multi-tasking (No Hands!)


I spotted the above Xbox One demo this morning on YouTube.  Though we have seen some of this already, the vid shows off some of the console’s Kinect and multi-tasking abilities.  I am VERY impressed.  I know a few people won’t care, but the most impressive part of this Xbox One demo was the fact that he didn’t need his controller for anything (excluding actually playing Titan Fall).  The overall speed and slickness of the experience is a good sign for potential Xbone owners with that November release right around the corner.  As we have stated over and over again, this should be a VERY exciting time for gamers.

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