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GTA Online – Car Gang, Airport Crash, Knocked Out! (weRcriminals episode 2)

Here is episode 2 of our weRcriminals (WERC) series.  Hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget that you can get in on the WERC/GTA Online fun.  Join us here!

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GTA Online – Titan Mission Smoke Fail and Big Girls (weRcriminals Episode 1)

Here is episode one of our “weRcriminals” series from Grand Theft Auto Online.  We hope you enjoy this and future uploads!

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Join Our GTA Online Crew! weRcriminals Introduction


Looking for a crew to have fun with on GTA Online?  Check out our introduction vid above for weRcriminals.  We are pretty much all about making money and having fun.  We will also be highlighting that fun on our Youtube channel starting this weekend.

Just drop your gamertag in the comment section and we will send out invites.  We play on the Xbox, but if you are a PS3 player we are looking for representatives on that platform.



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