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Ryse: Son of Rome…The “Other” Version [Monthly Feature]

This month’s YouTube feature comes from myself.  I know, it’s kinda corny posting my own video as a feature on my own site, but cut me a little slack here.  It was either this or ANOTHER Titanfall video.  Do you really need more options to watch that game?  Every Xbox One out there can broadcast it to Twitch now.  I understand that the hype is real, but at this point you can just play the darn thing.  Don’t worry though.  We will have some recorded evidence of Titans falling shortly.


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Respawn: Making Titanfall (Youtube Monthly Feature)

Respawn uploaded an interview with FTW.  I picked it for this month’s “Youtube Monthly Feature“, but not because it’s Titanfall related….which really is enough on it’s own.  Though the interview was brief, hearing a little about how Respawn started after the whole legal situation was very interesting.  They mentioned sitting on fold out chairs with literally no equipment, and just talking about games they liked or disliked.  These conversations are what made Titanfall possible.   Now I won’t pretend that these guys really went through a true struggle.  They were already pretty well off thanks to those Call of Duty games, but it’s still an interesting story.


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Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer: The Moon (Youtube Monthly Feature!)

This trailer only further proves why Bungie is the BEST developer ever created.  At least in our opinion.  I haven’t been this hype since the original Halo….which was made by you know who.  Whether you agree with me or not, Destiny is looking like it will be a huge hit and win for gamers next year.  That’s why this new trailer is our Youtube Monthly Feature.


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Hands On with GTA V – Youtube Monthly Feature

Alex and Daniel of IGN got the chance to sit down and play the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.  Based on the video above, this game is pretty much perfect (so far anyway).  There seems to be so much going on in this game.  It’s just insane.  Rockstar has also addressed my only concerns which was the combat.  Taking cues from their previous releases (Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption) they have managed to take everything we loved about these games and add them to everything we already loved about GTA.  When you have some time make sure you check this out as well as weRgamerz’s reaction to GTA Online.

This is our Youtube Monthly Feature….it was definitely a BF4 video at first, but GTA V has trains.

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