Lets Stock About it – Grand Theft Auto 5 Stock Exchange Tips (Update!)


Looking to make a few more dollars while you destroy the streets of Los Santos????  How about making a play at the in-game stock exchange!  First off, we aren’t pros in stocks.  Not even close, but we do know a few tricks that can you make you some extra money to spend on monkey masks and fast cars.

There are two stock exchanges.  Liberty City National Exchange is the game based one.  BAWSAQ is the community based one.  We will be focusing on the Liberty City National Exchange (LCN) as this is the one that is easier to manipulate.  What, you didn’t think we would be fair did you?  This is Grand Theft Auto baby!

There are two easy ways that we have found to play the market.  The first is to pay attention to your missions.  For example, a guy named Lester will request Franklin to take out important people in various companies in the game.  When you get to a mission like this make sure you invest in the competing company.  Buy right before you do the mission.  Go take out the person in question, and then sit back and let the market work.  The company you attack will see a drastic drop in value on the market.  This drop will be followed by a sudden rise in value for their competitor.  That’s when you sell.  Boom!  Instant profit!!!

Update!  There are multiple conflicting reports on this method all over the internet.  My thoughts….it doesn’t work.  The second way is completely player controlled.  Take a look at the market and find companies with very low values.  These are the shares you want to buy.  Pick one to start with and invest as much as you want.  The more the better of course.  After you’re done, go cause complete mayhem to the competing business.  Kill there employees, destroy their merchandise, and vandalize their buildings.  Really mess them up!!!  Just like the process above, when the competitor’s price goes down the company you invested in will go up.  Sell Sell SELL!!!!  Written example here!

To help you get started we have a list of all the companies (that we could find) matched with their competitor found via Reddit.

  1. CoolBeans – BeanMachine
  2. Burgershot – Up-An-Atom
  3. Clucking Bell – TacoBomb
  4. FlyUS – AirEmu
  5. GoPostal – PostOP
  6. Bilkington – DollarPills
  7. Pisswasser – Logger
  8. MazeBank – BankOfLiberty
  9. Redwood – Debonaire
  10. Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead
  11. RadioLosSantos – WorldwideFM
  12. eCola – Raine

We hope this helps our fellow criminals!!!

Do you have some tips on making money???

Please note that these same strategies should work on GTA Online, but Rockstar has mentioned they will play the roll of “the government” if things get out of hand.  Not sure what that means, but a heads up anyway.

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18 thoughts on “Lets Stock About it – Grand Theft Auto 5 Stock Exchange Tips (Update!)

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  2. My Man…Good post Wes

  3. my honest opinion is that the easiest way to make money is by putting all of your money (or as much as you want) on a company that has the lowest share value, for me it is flyUS, ranging from $3-$4.5. i tend to buy when the shares are worth around $3.5-$3.7 and then i play the waiting game, it can be about 5-10 minutes before i see high change. if it drops in the negative, dont worry because it will continuously change every 30 seconds or so, just be patient and keep refreshing the page. I put 13 mil in the company and wait till its around $3.8-$4 and i make over $600,000 every time.

    i have tried destroying the competitors items, trucks, planes, workers etc but that does NOT work. i’ve read in plenty of sites that no one has actual proof of it working, and for the people that say they have had it work is most likely just from chance.

    another thing you can do is buy the car scrap yard for the character you play as the most, the pay is $150 for each car you destroy. find a busy street/main road/highway and start blowing up all the cars (just make sure you have very little cash on you as if you die, you will basically lose all the cash you just made) you get payed every monday at 00:00

    NOTE* the ‘past week’ graph in the share market does not work, im assuming it’s just for looks.

    • WesdaRuler says:

      Actually the easiest way to make money off of stocks are the Lester missions since they are guaranteed to work. Yes I agree that it seems to be impossible to manipulate the market on your own. I made a second post discussing my findings. I wish Rockstar would just tell everyone how it all works.

      Yea the charts are just decoration.

      • oh yeah, i forgot to add the lester missions, i did mine as soon as they were available, which i now regret 😦

      • Andy Neefe says:

        RE: The charts are just decoration

        So THAT’s the problem. I knew there was something fishy about those f’n graphs, but they often displayed the right value the day you look at it or very recently, but then the past 5 days behind it is gibberish and it won’t stay consistent. I think it’s meant to just show the min/max values based on the scaling of the axis — but I have to wonder, given all that’s put into a game like this, how hard is it to simulate a couple-dozen 2-dimensional line graphs that simply correspond to the numbers the market already displays. I don’t know jack about coding but even I could code a couple line graphs.

    • If anyone has any tips or help to offer on GTA online, please do!

  4. Having a tough time manipulating EMU Air – blowing up FlyUS planes, people in front of the Arrivals area of the FlyUS “area” of Los Santos International and stealing the smaller FlyUS Gulfstream jets didn’t seem to alter EMU Air stock at all. Any thoughts?

    • WesdaRuler says:

      Yea manipulating the market has been very inconsistent for me also. I did the same exact thing, and the first night I did it EMU Air was up 10%. I have not been able to do it again though. Did your attacks do anything to the market at all? How long did you do it for?

      • I had previously stolen the attack helo and spent a good 30min attacking the FlyUS branded planes at the airport – prices of EMU actually dropped 2-3% and FlyUS didn’t move at all – seems broken. The big lure was AirEMU was down like 200%+ at the time to like 4.50/share and the high was in the 30s so I figured even to get it ip a few points would be a big profit – but after playing missions for hours the stock refuses to move at all.

        The other problem is the market graph is a lie – it shows prices for previous days that the stock never hit – it looks pretty, but it in no way reflects the actual prices I see during gameplay.

        • WesdaRuler says:

          Yea the charts don’t show anything. Just there for looks from what I’ve seen. Yea I agree that the stock market appears to be broken. I wish Rockstar would explain how it all works a little better. It is very hit and miss. I haven’t been able to get the car insurance stock or any car brands to rise or fall. Even after spending hours destroying cars. Other people on the internet claim this works.

  5. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on The International Blogspaper.

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