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Battlefield 4: Grown Man S*** (BF4 TDM)

A man gotta do what a man gotta do…



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GTA Online Beach Bum Pack Incoming Next Week!!! (FREE!)


I knooooowwww…..next gen is right around the freaking corner, but lets not act like 80+ million people will be rocking PS 1s and Xbox Fours this year.  For the vast majority of you this is still exciting news.  GTA Online will be getting it’s first DLC next week.  We are getting new missions (no heists sorry), weapons, vehicles, clothes, and more.  Time to put down the Call of Battleduty 4: Ghosts and revisit the streets of Los Santos.  If you haven’t been on for a while you might be in for a lucrative surprise when you log back in.

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My Relationship With BF4….”It’s Complicated”

We will have a more “official” impressions video up shortly, but here are my thoughts right now.  One day I LOVE this game.  Sure it’s not as great as the PC version, but I still have a lot of fun.  Dice managed to squeeze every last bit of goodness in the Xbox 360 to create a shooter that will keep me busy until I upgrade to another system.  The next day I HATE this game.  Dice clearly didn’t spend much time on the current generation console versions of this game.  This game isn’t a huge improvement over BF3, but it barely even manages to run right.

Yea…we are still working on the impressions video.

Lol enjoy!

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BF4 Domination: This Mode WORKS on Current Gen Consoles!

Turns out there might be life in the current gen version of Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.  Domination seems to be the “poor mans” Conquest mode and even though this mode is definitely not new to the Battlefield (or FPS) universe, it is a much appreciated addition to this game.  Less players, smaller play area, and no vehicles.  The depression hit these soldiers pretty hard.  Either way, thanks to these factors this mode plays very well.  A good mix of PTFO and gun on gun action, I definitely recommend this mode to all looking to get their feet wet in the world of BF4.

Hope you enjoy!

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BF4 TDM Gameplay: M416/M26 Mass a Great Combo!

Let the BF4 uploads begin!  I’ve was able to pick up this game yesterday, and got a few hours of gameplay in over the night.  So far everything seems to work as expected.  I plan on having a Gamer Talk on this shortly, but for now I will just be uploading some gameplay.  This time I share some footage from one of my first Team Deathmatches.  I have to say that TDM on BF4 is waaaay better than it was on BF3..for now anyway.  They seem to have chosen the correct areas of the map this time around.  Of course that might all change once snipers start finding their ways on top of buildings that they shouldn’t have access to.  Anyway, I run with the M416 and M26 Mass.  Both guns did very well in this mode, and I definitely recommend you give them a try in your next match.

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Holiday Watch list: Games that BETTER be under that Tree

Intro-2b (1)

It’s that time of the year folks! November will be upon us next week, and with it comes a brand new generation of console gaming. No matter what new console you decide to fanboy with, there will be a healthy selection of games to compliment your inner fanboy choice. Even those (like me) whom aren’t diving in head first with the pre order crowd will still have a large list of great games to play over the winter break. Check out our holiday watch list below and share which games you will be picking up this year.

We haven’t had a winter like this for a loooonnngg time.

  1. Battlefield 4

    Status: Preordered on the Xbox 360. Plan on doing the upgrade thingy for the Xbox One.

    Thoughts: The fact that it has “Battlefield” in the title pretty much makes this game a requirement for me. I most likely won’t touch conquest until I can play this game on the Xbox One, but the beta showed me that there is still fun to be had on the Xbox 360 (and PS3). Expect a lot of Domination, Rush, and Obliteration uploads when this game is released next week.

  2. Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Status: I will probably get this before November is over. I want to see some YouTube footage before making my final decision.

    Thoughts: COD: Ghosts is Infinity Wards last shot with me. This game has to be good. Not perfect, but GOOD. I will admit that I like a lot of the things I’ve seen thus far. I think I’ve laughed at every feature they have bragged about (Squads, Girls in the game, Dogs, Fish moving) and loved every feature they have barely talked about.

  3. Batman: Arkham Origins

    Status: I’m on the fence. Not preordered.

    Thoughts: I don’t know how I feel about the tacked on multiplayer. Then add on the fact that these aren’t the same creators of the first two. I have liked a lot of the things I’ve seen up to know, but generally when a single player game gets multiplayer….it sucks. Still, this IS Batman we are talking about.

  4. Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Status: Skeptical but hopeful. Preordered.

    Thoughts: Has Sony finally managed to get a 1st party shooter with great shooting mechanics? Probably not, but it does look really pretty. That’s a good start. I’ve also heard good things about the PS4 controller. That’s always been a complaint I’ve had since the original PlayStation. Unfortunately, they haven’t changed the stick placement which was my complaint. I’m not saying that they are in a bad place, but every time I use one my thumbs touch…

  5. Ryse: Son of Rome

    Status: Skeptical but VERY hopeful. Not preorded.

    Thoughts: Has Microsoft finally managed to make a great God of War clone? Hell no, but this game does still look like fun. I’m not very convinced by the multiplayer I’ve seen so far, but it does look like it may be a fun game. It graphically looks gorgeous, and the improvements they have made to the gameplay looks great. Still, I’m not sure if this is worth a full price investment. Right now I’m thinking this game will be PERFECT…for $25.

  6. Killer Instinct

    Status: I will get it the day I own an Xbox One.

    Thoughts: Ulllllttttttrrrraaaa COOOOOMMMMMMBBBBBOOOOO!!!!

  7. Borderlands 2

    Status: Don’t laugh at me….

    Thoughts: I was planning on picking this up when it came out, but life got in the way. I imagine I will find a great deal on it thanks to the delay though.

  8. Knack

    Status: Very curious…but not preordered.

    Thoughts: It’s caught my eye. Looks like it will supply hours of fun, but I’m thinking this will be a bargain bin game for me. Not that it won’t be great, but I already have a lot on my plate as is.

    This is our list for now. Will you be picking up any of these games? What’s your list?

    This is looking like another great year to be a gamer.

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Battlefield 4 is out NEXT WEEK!!! Will you be picking it up?

BF4 hits the streets next week for PC and current gen consoles.  We know that every PC player out there will have no reason to hold back, but it’s a decision worth putting some thought into for consoles players.  Will you be picking up your copy of Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, or will you hold out for the next gen versions coming next month?

Decisions, decisions….

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Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions – Meh…It’s OK (Xbox 360)

The BF4 beta has been out for a little while now.  After playing a few rounds I decided to gather my thoughts and do an impressions video.  Please keep in mind that not only is this a “beta”, but I am playing on a Xbox 360.  I plan on picking this up on the Xbox One.  My opinion on this game will change dramatically when the retail versions come out.  Still, with modes like Dominion having 20 player counts it’s clear that Dice hasn’t completely left the current generation in the cold.

Are you enjoying the BF4 beta on your platform of choice???

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Battlefield 4 Beta Gameplay – Domination is THAT MODE!

Here is some gameplay from the just released Battlefield 4 Beta.  Domination is a perfect fit for current gen consoles.  The action just keeps going!  I will save my impressions for or upcoming upload, but even though I love this mode, things aren’t all roses and bubbles in the world of Battlefield 4.


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GTA 5 Extreme Sports Trailer – More Reasons to Quit Your Real Life Sept. 17th

As if we needed another reason to play this game.  I’m starting to think that calling GTA V a “game” is an understatement.  This is an alternate life.  This is the matrix.  Come September 17th (next week!!!!) I don’t know one gamer who won’t be plugged in.

BMX biking…I mean what can we NOT do Rockstar!?

Check out our thoughts on GTA Online!

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