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Battlefield 4 Weapon Stats


Weapon Charts Here! (Via Symthic.com)

So Battlefield 4 has finally been released on the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 and PC.  If you are anything like me you have been stuck at work all day checking out gameplay via Twitch and YouTube.  The struggle of having responsibilities…

Well while I was dreaming of being at home in my boxers raging profanities at my TV, I came across some BF4 weapon charts that I wanted to share with my fellow gamers.  The charts available seem to cover all available weapons in BF4 currently.  They cover damage over distance, time to kill, recoil, and may other stats on easy to understand line graphs.  The site states that all stats are pulled directly from the game files, so they are 100% accurate.  If you are the type of player who basis their weapon and load out choices on the facts, then you should definitely bookmark this one.

Hope it helps, and we will be on the battlefield in full force tonight on the Xbox 360!

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Lets Stock About It: Making Money off Stocks via Missions (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Here is a video example of how to make money off the stock market while doing missions in Grand Theft Auto 5.  The easiest ones are given to Franklin by a guy named Lester, but if you pay attention any mission has the possibility of playing the market.

Hope this helps!  A written explanation is here.


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Lets Stock About it – Grand Theft Auto 5 Stock Exchange Tips (Update!)


Looking to make a few more dollars while you destroy the streets of Los Santos????  How about making a play at the in-game stock exchange!  First off, we aren’t pros in stocks.  Not even close, but we do know a few tricks that can you make you some extra money to spend on monkey masks and fast cars.

There are two stock exchanges.  Liberty City National Exchange is the game based one.  BAWSAQ is the community based one.  We will be focusing on the Liberty City National Exchange (LCN) as this is the one that is easier to manipulate.  What, you didn’t think we would be fair did you?  This is Grand Theft Auto baby!

There are two easy ways that we have found to play the market.  The first is to pay attention to your missions.  For example, a guy named Lester will request Franklin to take out important people in various companies in the game.  When you get to a mission like this make sure you invest in the competing company.  Buy right before you do the mission.  Go take out the person in question, and then sit back and let the market work.  The company you attack will see a drastic drop in value on the market.  This drop will be followed by a sudden rise in value for their competitor.  That’s when you sell.  Boom!  Instant profit!!!

Update!  There are multiple conflicting reports on this method all over the internet.  My thoughts….it doesn’t work.  The second way is completely player controlled.  Take a look at the market and find companies with very low values.  These are the shares you want to buy.  Pick one to start with and invest as much as you want.  The more the better of course.  After you’re done, go cause complete mayhem to the competing business.  Kill there employees, destroy their merchandise, and vandalize their buildings.  Really mess them up!!!  Just like the process above, when the competitor’s price goes down the company you invested in will go up.  Sell Sell SELL!!!!  Written example here!

To help you get started we have a list of all the companies (that we could find) matched with their competitor found via Reddit.

  1. CoolBeans – BeanMachine
  2. Burgershot – Up-An-Atom
  3. Clucking Bell – TacoBomb
  4. FlyUS – AirEmu
  5. GoPostal – PostOP
  6. Bilkington – DollarPills
  7. Pisswasser – Logger
  8. MazeBank – BankOfLiberty
  9. Redwood – Debonaire
  10. Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead
  11. RadioLosSantos – WorldwideFM
  12. eCola – Raine

We hope this helps our fellow criminals!!!

Do you have some tips on making money???

Please note that these same strategies should work on GTA Online, but Rockstar has mentioned they will play the roll of “the government” if things get out of hand.  Not sure what that means, but a heads up anyway.

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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter – Hotspot 49-11 “Pro” Tips

This is a must see!  This is gameplay from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but the tips Wes shares could easily translate to any fps on the market.  First Person? Check!  Third Person?  Hell yea!

Fifth Person?  We gotcha!

Haha Enjoy!

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