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If Titanfall Don’t Make Your Boat Float


There’s is not escaping the Titanfall shadow folks.  People are REALLY excited about this game, but for the people who aren’t getting it do not worry!  Here a few other games coming out between now and the end of March.

Titanfall commentary/gameplay

Of course, there are other games coming out over the next several months (Destiny beta being at the top of my list), but I’ll let you Google them on your own time.  If I’m in the mood to break my console, I’ll pick up Dark Souls 2 for sure.  I also own BF4.  Maybe I’ll give that game another run.

Titans WILL be falling next month though.


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Playstation 4 Unboxing + 1TB Hardrive Install (Courtesy of IGZ)

Our homie Snow for the Ignorant Gamerz crew shows off his brand new PS4!  Lucky bastard (hatehateHATE!)….anyway…

Witness Sony’s latest creation in it’s console glory as Snow shows you what to expect when you open your PS4 retail box for the first time.  You’re also in for a special treat.  After hearing about the 50gb+ game installs for next gen, people are worried that the 500gb standard that the next gen consoles are setting just won’t hold up.  IGZ has you covered!  Watch Snow install a 1tb hd.

Looks like the IGZ squad has you Sony boys covered!


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How’s Your PS4 Treating You?

Were you able to pick up a PlayStation 4 back on the 15th?  How is it???  I won’t be able to pick one up until next year, but I’m curious if it’s everything people want it to be.  Check out the vid and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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Has Sony Been Playing You? (Console Wars!)

Remember how people were saying that you shouldn’t have to be online just to play your game?  You know, back when the Xbox One first hit the scene.  Well according to Sony you will have to download a day one patch just to sit down and watch a good movie on the upcoming PS4.  Looks like our homie Uncle Rza over at Ignorant Gamerz has had enough.  Check out his vid from their “Offline” series and share your thoughts in the comments.

Do you feel like Sony is doing whatever it takes to get ahead, or is Rza  just blowing steam?

I just look forward to reading their comment section! 🙂

Check out the rest of their Offline series and IGZ topics!

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Call of Duty Ghost – Room to Grow? UPDATE! (Thank You!)

This is part 2 of our Call of Duty Ghosts impressions.  Do you feel like Call of Duty has room to grow and innovate within the fps genre?  Will it require them to change what Call of Duty is?  We have NO clue, but we discuss it anyway.  Let us know your thoughts!



Podcast version has been added here.

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Call of Duty Ghosts – That’s a New Feature?


DC One and WesdaRuler share part one of their Call of Duty Ghosts impressions.  There are a lot of new features in this game that aren’t new features…or at least we don’t think they are new features.

Are they new features?

Just enjoy the vid.


Podcast here.

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BF4 Impressions/Thoughts Part 2 – The New Voices of BF4

DC One and WesdaRuler finish up their conversation about the upcoming Battlefield 4.  Talking about the new factions and a few more of the changes coming to the game.  We really hope the Asian/Chinese have really cool accents….and yes we know technically you can’t be Chinese.

Podcast version is here.


Newness from our friend Professa is featured on this episode!

The Newness

The Newness

Donate if you can for GOOD music.

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The Holidays are Coming…A Gamerz Dilemma

Next Gen

It has been a looonnngg time since I’ve had a holiday season like this.  It’s hard enough picking out the two or three games I want for Christmas, but I have some major thinking to do this time around.  Our next generation consoles are coming in a couple of months, and with them a few games that I NEED in my life (I’m looking at you Killer Instinct!).  Now before I go any further I have to admit that I already have my Xbox One on pre-order.  I pre-ordered my day one version the first day I was able to, but even though I am definitely picking up my newness this November I question how much I’ll actually use it.

Now lets get one thing clear….I WILL play Killer Instinct.  My Xbox One will certainly see action all the way through to the rest of this year, but it will not be the same as it has been in previous generation jumps.  For starters, current gen consoles are still getting games that I want to play.  I’ll even be more specific and say that my gaming life will still be dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.  This game will still be fresh, new, exciting, fun, and only available on current gen consoles.  To add more doubt to my situation, most games I want for my Xbox One will be available for my Xbox 360.  The only exception to that rule being Battlefield 4 cause lets be honest, BF4 on current vs. next will not be the same.  So, with all my free time being thrown at GTA Online how the hell am I supposed to find time for an ULLLTRAAA COMBOOOOO!!!!!?  This isn’t even the whole of it.  All of my friends are waiting to buy the new consoles.  I don’t know of one person I regularly play with that has pre-ordered the newness.  This is a problem.  A while back I wrote a post on how gaming online with my buddies is my “man time.”  This is how I hang with the fellas.  If I decided to play the Xbox One, I will automatically miss out on half of the reason I play games.  This is a very new problem for me, and I’m assuming most other console players as well.  I can’t think of another console generation where online communities played a key role in the gaming experience.  The jump from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 was simple.  Xbox Live wasn’t a big deal here.  Just about every game made these days has some form of online multiplayer.  The ones that don’t are never as popular as the ones that do.  I tend not to own a large collection of games.  I try to focus on games that I can play with friends.  Add in Xbox parties, the friend list, etc etc.  I have no friends on the Xbox One…….and that’s sad.

My last issue with this holiday season might be the one that hurts the most.  The best games that they have shown so far (in my opinion of course) aren’t even coming out this year.  I’m excited to play Titanfall…..spring 2014.  Destiny is going to be AMAZING…..summer 2014.  The Division might be the game I’ve dreamed of playing…..winter 2014.  Have I made my point?  Battlefield 4 is the only game I’m truly anticipating.  Sure, there are other decent looking games coming.  Ryse looks pretty cool.  Project Spark looks like a blast….but not a “I gots to have this one day one” kind of blast.  To keep it blunt, none of these games have shown me why I should stop playing GTA Online to take time out to play them instead.  Matter of fact, GTA Online has made me rethink what I should expect from a next generation game period.  That’s deep.

What’s a gamer like me to do?  I want the newness.  I’ve always been that way.  With the exception of early childhood systems “SEGA!!!!” I never hold on to last generation hardware.  I jump on to the latest and greatest and never look back, but this time it’s different.  There are a lot of things to consider.  Maybe I need to learn to be more patient….or maybe I just need some new friends.  Either way I have a lot of thinking to do over the next few months….sadly I will not have time to do that thinking.  I will be to busy robbing banks and manipulating the stock market in Grand Theft Auto….it’s a tough life for a gamer.

Console gaming has come a long way since my Sega Genesis days……


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New Destiny Trailer from Bungie – Multiple Planets and Shitloadzillion Guns

Another reason to keep throwing money at my screen. This game looks awesome, but we should expect no less from Bungie.

Enjoy the trailer!

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One Day E3….One Day

No love E3...

No love E3…

E3 is right around the corner.  Come June 11-13th I will be anything but productive.  Whether at work or at home, I will be fully engaged into various live blogs and streams.  This E3 has the potential to be the most exciting E3 event we have seen in a veeeerrrrryyy long time (at least a billion years right?)

The only thing that bugs me about this E3 is what bugs me every E3….I’m not going.  You heard it right, WesdaRuler aka #MrNevaMissAParty was not, has not, and will not be invited to this event.  Word on the street is I’m not that popular.  Ha! My blog gets three a million views a day….I’m popular dammit!  That’s not even counting the hundred gazillion views I get on our youtube channel, and my thirty five….thousand followers on twitter via @WesdaRuler (follow me!).  It’s crazy, I know.

So like every other E3 before it, I will sit at home and watch the events unfold.  After all the excitement has ended I’ll get on Xbox live with the homies and complain about how I should have been there.  It’s the #hardknock life for us baby!

So now that I’m done crying for no reason venting I want to share some of the places I will be getting my E3 gaming news from.  I imagine a lot of you will also be watching the event from you home/job, so why not share resources?  Check my list below….

  • Edutainment – I just recently started to follow Katy, but she will be at E3 this year (awesome!).  Be sure to follow her blog and her twitter @Katgoodman7.
  • Ignorantgamerz – This is extended family right here!  Even though I don’t think they will be at the event, they will be watching very closely and posting various IGZ Reports via youtube.  Also be sure to check their site here.
  • Me! (wergamerz/WesdaRuler) – We already know I won’t be there (conspiracy!), but I will be posting my reactions via @WesdaRuler and on our youtube channel weRgamerz.  Join me in my madness!
  • Wolf’s Gaming Blog – I generally go here for game reviews, but I imagine there might be some type of review for this year’s E3.  If not, you should follow just for the game reviews! Blog

If there are any I missed please be sure to list them below, but please try not to load obvious ones. (G4, Joystiq, IGN, etc..)

If there is ever a year that Shenmue 3 gets announced I won’t just be there….I will jump on the freaking stage.

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