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What Will You be Playing Next Week?


Well people, the hype is alive and well in my circles.  It seems all of my friends will have Titanfall the minute it releases.  I expect to see plenty of Titans falling on Tuesday, but for the people  not into that what will you be playing next week?  I know that Dark Souls 2 will also be releasing on the same day.  I’ve been looking at the new Plants vs. Zombies.  Might give that a shot this weekend.  I also read that Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer will be free this weekend for Xbox One & 360.  No harm in finally giving that game a try.

As for weRgamerz updates:


Expect a couple of uploads this weekend.  As I’ve stated before, I have switched to more of a once a month kind of thing.  I don’t know how many videos will be released at once, but I let them all go at one time, and run away for the rest of the month.


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How’s That Next Gen Treating You?

FINALLY!!!  A freaking UPLOAD!!!!!  I promise you if I was famous  enough to do this Youtube and blog thing fulltime I would…..but that just isn’t the case.  They have been out in the wild for a few weeks now so I have to know….how’s the next generation of console gaming treating you?  Share all the details folks!!!!

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Ubisoft Shows off it’s Snowdrop Engine with Gameplay from “The Division”

This is a game that everyone should be looking out for. 

Ubisoft shows of it’s new engine dubbed “Snowdrop” by showcasing some beautiful views from their upcoming game “The Division”.  I haven’t picked up my Xbox One or Playstation 4 yet, but I will definitely have one of the two under my TV by the time this game comes out.  It looks amazing.


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PSN has been HACKED!!! Please Reset your Logins and check your Accounts!


Just read on IGN that some Playstation Network users are finding fraudulent charges on their financial accounts.  One as large as $650 bucks!  I urge all owners of the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 who use Sony’s online services to please reset your PSN account, and check your bank/credit card activity ASAP!!!!  This really does suck, but the internet can be a crazy place.  Just please don’t ignore this!

IGN link here!

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Happy Holidays! How’s Next Gen Treating You?


My son’s face while I sing to him lol

November has come and gone.  The next generation of console gaming is HERE!!!!  How are you enjoying it so far?  I haven’t been able to spend much time enjoying the pleasures of Xbox ons due to me currently enjoying the many pleasures of parenthood.  My first child is now four months old, and between him, my wife, work, school, and personal hobbies I haven’t been able to commit the kind of time I’ve wanted to commit to weRgamerz.  Rest assure that we are still around.  I have a commentary going up tomorrow night in fact, but that is neither here nor there…I want to know about your new consoles!

I have neither the PS4 or Xbox One currently.  I have had the opportunity to play both extensively though.  I will save my opinions on the two for my upcoming commentaries, but I am curious on how some of you feel about them currently.  Was it worth it?  Are you having fun with your new PS4/Xbox One?  What has been your favorite launch title so far?  Just tell me EVERYTHING!!!  I decided to hold off on picking up either system this year.  Neither had a game that I wanted to play right away.  I have managed to dust off my Wii U recently.  Super Mario 3D World is one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a loooonng time.  I will also be picking up the Windmaker, Wonderful 101, and Pikmin 3 over the next couple of months.  These should hold me over until Titanfall and Destiny come out next year.

Let me know how great your new console is!

Happy Holidays!!!


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Next Gen is HERE…..why I’m not here with it.

Next Gen

I’ve checked out both the PS4 and Xbox One reveals. My reaction….hglahkghdlhhfjhfjhbkaj!!!! These “thangs” here! I got to have one. Where can I preorder? I have a personal agenda against Gamestop (they are NOT for gamers or their employees for that matter!!) so I ran with Amazon. The plan right now is to get both. I don’t appreciate missing out on good games due to dedicating my soul to one devil console. “1000 in one month doesn’t sound to smart Wes. You are expecting a baby in July. Plus….you’re already pretty broke without said baby.” Damn! I’m right…I am broke. I have to choose. Granted I will just by the other one later, but I want them both right away!

After some careful thought and meditation my decision…Xbox One. Both consoles are perfect in many ways. The games that each have coming over the next year or two look promising, and Sony finally fixed their controllers which was my only gripe with them. Still, the Playstation 4 didn’t have a lot of the other features that the Xbox One was showing off or they weren’t showing them off at the time. The entertainment aspect of the Xbox One proved to be an easier sell to my wife. I could spend $400 just to play games or spend $500 to play games and control my TV, stream countless apps, and play games. Yea my wife loves the TV. Plus I lose my tv remote a lot. The son will love some of the Kinect games….yes this will be a way easier sell.


Man…babies are expensive. I think I’ve bought 2 Xbox Ones worth of formula over the past two months. When I made this preorder we had a freaking stash of diapers….we still have that stash but he has outgrown them. I see my savings slowing dying…how am I going to pay for this next gen console greatness?? I could sell this, stop buying that, and save up on the such and such….but it is just a game console. Dammit!!! Don’t do this to me life! I don’t like having proper priorities! Let me carelessly buy this Xbox One. I NEED it!!!! Sigh….I do have my Xbox 360 still. I could just run with that for a lil while longer. Man…I really wanted to play BF4…wait that’s on the Xbox 360. Well I hate that I will miss out on Titanfall….oh that’s on the 360 too? Well Destiny is the one to look out for…dammit!!! Are you telling me there is no rush to go next gen??? That my family and financial standing is more important than 60 frames per second and “Xbox, on”? Nah bruh….


Man this is tough. Amazon is asking….”Are you sure you want to cancel your DAY ONE XBOX ONE?” Why couldn’t you just cancel when I clicked cancel? Now I have to meditate all over again. No Wes, you know this is the right thing to do. There, I’ve canceled…that wasn’t that bad. Grand Theft Auto comes out next week! I’m good man! What do I tell people though? I told everybody I had my preorder months ago. Even ran my big mouth on the Youtube. Aw man….well there are plenty of logical reasons I guess. The first batch usually is the worst batch. Who wants a system just to send it back due to manufacturing issues right? The launch line up on both isn’t that strong anyway…but I want a uuuUUUUUTTTTttrrrraaaa COMBOOOOOO!!!! Oh well, it will still be around when I pick it up. Plus I still got my trusty Xbox 360 and a promise of support for the next two years. No way Microsoft will drop us like they did Zune, WP7, Silverlight, and etc… Yea, this sounds good. I’ll just run with that.

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Playstation 4 Unboxing + 1TB Hardrive Install (Courtesy of IGZ)

Our homie Snow for the Ignorant Gamerz crew shows off his brand new PS4!  Lucky bastard (hatehateHATE!)….anyway…

Witness Sony’s latest creation in it’s console glory as Snow shows you what to expect when you open your PS4 retail box for the first time.  You’re also in for a special treat.  After hearing about the 50gb+ game installs for next gen, people are worried that the 500gb standard that the next gen consoles are setting just won’t hold up.  IGZ has you covered!  Watch Snow install a 1tb hd.

Looks like the IGZ squad has you Sony boys covered!


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How’s Your PS4 Treating You?

Were you able to pick up a PlayStation 4 back on the 15th?  How is it???  I won’t be able to pick one up until next year, but I’m curious if it’s everything people want it to be.  Check out the vid and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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Has Sony Been Playing You? (Console Wars!)

Remember how people were saying that you shouldn’t have to be online just to play your game?  You know, back when the Xbox One first hit the scene.  Well according to Sony you will have to download a day one patch just to sit down and watch a good movie on the upcoming PS4.  Looks like our homie Uncle Rza over at Ignorant Gamerz has had enough.  Check out his vid from their “Offline” series and share your thoughts in the comments.

Do you feel like Sony is doing whatever it takes to get ahead, or is Rza  just blowing steam?

I just look forward to reading their comment section! 🙂

Check out the rest of their Offline series and IGZ topics!

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Holiday Watch list: Games that BETTER be under that Tree

Intro-2b (1)

It’s that time of the year folks! November will be upon us next week, and with it comes a brand new generation of console gaming. No matter what new console you decide to fanboy with, there will be a healthy selection of games to compliment your inner fanboy choice. Even those (like me) whom aren’t diving in head first with the pre order crowd will still have a large list of great games to play over the winter break. Check out our holiday watch list below and share which games you will be picking up this year.

We haven’t had a winter like this for a loooonnngg time.

  1. Battlefield 4

    Status: Preordered on the Xbox 360. Plan on doing the upgrade thingy for the Xbox One.

    Thoughts: The fact that it has “Battlefield” in the title pretty much makes this game a requirement for me. I most likely won’t touch conquest until I can play this game on the Xbox One, but the beta showed me that there is still fun to be had on the Xbox 360 (and PS3). Expect a lot of Domination, Rush, and Obliteration uploads when this game is released next week.

  2. Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Status: I will probably get this before November is over. I want to see some YouTube footage before making my final decision.

    Thoughts: COD: Ghosts is Infinity Wards last shot with me. This game has to be good. Not perfect, but GOOD. I will admit that I like a lot of the things I’ve seen thus far. I think I’ve laughed at every feature they have bragged about (Squads, Girls in the game, Dogs, Fish moving) and loved every feature they have barely talked about.

  3. Batman: Arkham Origins

    Status: I’m on the fence. Not preordered.

    Thoughts: I don’t know how I feel about the tacked on multiplayer. Then add on the fact that these aren’t the same creators of the first two. I have liked a lot of the things I’ve seen up to know, but generally when a single player game gets multiplayer….it sucks. Still, this IS Batman we are talking about.

  4. Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Status: Skeptical but hopeful. Preordered.

    Thoughts: Has Sony finally managed to get a 1st party shooter with great shooting mechanics? Probably not, but it does look really pretty. That’s a good start. I’ve also heard good things about the PS4 controller. That’s always been a complaint I’ve had since the original PlayStation. Unfortunately, they haven’t changed the stick placement which was my complaint. I’m not saying that they are in a bad place, but every time I use one my thumbs touch…

  5. Ryse: Son of Rome

    Status: Skeptical but VERY hopeful. Not preorded.

    Thoughts: Has Microsoft finally managed to make a great God of War clone? Hell no, but this game does still look like fun. I’m not very convinced by the multiplayer I’ve seen so far, but it does look like it may be a fun game. It graphically looks gorgeous, and the improvements they have made to the gameplay looks great. Still, I’m not sure if this is worth a full price investment. Right now I’m thinking this game will be PERFECT…for $25.

  6. Killer Instinct

    Status: I will get it the day I own an Xbox One.

    Thoughts: Ulllllttttttrrrraaaa COOOOOMMMMMMBBBBBOOOOO!!!!

  7. Borderlands 2

    Status: Don’t laugh at me….

    Thoughts: I was planning on picking this up when it came out, but life got in the way. I imagine I will find a great deal on it thanks to the delay though.

  8. Knack

    Status: Very curious…but not preordered.

    Thoughts: It’s caught my eye. Looks like it will supply hours of fun, but I’m thinking this will be a bargain bin game for me. Not that it won’t be great, but I already have a lot on my plate as is.

    This is our list for now. Will you be picking up any of these games? What’s your list?

    This is looking like another great year to be a gamer.

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