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What Will You be Playing Next Week?


Well people, the hype is alive and well in my circles.  It seems all of my friends will have Titanfall the minute it releases.  I expect to see plenty of Titans falling on Tuesday, but for the people  not into that what will you be playing next week?  I know that Dark Souls 2 will also be releasing on the same day.  I’ve been looking at the new Plants vs. Zombies.  Might give that a shot this weekend.  I also read that Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer will be free this weekend for Xbox One & 360.  No harm in finally giving that game a try.

As for weRgamerz updates:


Expect a couple of uploads this weekend.  As I’ve stated before, I have switched to more of a once a month kind of thing.  I don’t know how many videos will be released at once, but I let them all go at one time, and run away for the rest of the month.


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Titanfall Maps and Modes Revealed! [Retail Version]


A user by the name of RazorUK took a look in the Titanfall game files and found some interesting stuff.  The full details are located here, but I’ll list a few things below.  Peep the link for weapon lists, perk lists, and map pictures.

Please note that this information could be wrong.

Our beta overview/impressions

How do you feel about the lack of single player?  Will 14-16 maps at launch be enough to look it over?  Personally, [minus Halo] I stopped playing FPS campaigns YEARS ago.


AT – Attrition?
TDM – Team Deathmatch?
CTF – Capture the Flag?
LTS – Last Titan Standing?
HP- Hardpoint Capture?
VM – Variety Mode (a mix of all the other modes listed, sans campaign)
Campaign Multiplayer


angel city
outpost 207
smugglers cove
training ground* [not sure if this will be an actual map]

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Titanfall: Beta Overview & Impressions

Here is our Titanfall beta overview.  Just showing what was available in the beta, and at the end sharing my impressions.  My opinion of the game may change when it is released next week, but it’s pretty awesome.  This will be the new king of arcade shooters….unless someone brings some serious heat this holiday season.


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Titanfall Impressions Xbox One/PC [IGZ]

Our brother channel Ignorant Gamerz share their impressions of the Titanfall beta.  Both Snow and Rza put up some gameplay and let you know how they are feeling about it so far.  The word polished comes to mind.  I will be uploading my beta overview very soon.


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Bioshock Infinite – A Look at the First few Minutes

Stumbled upon the first few minutes of the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. (Courtesy of Joystiq) This game has been pushed back so many times that I almost feel bad posting this.  Anyway, check it out and tell us what you think.

Oh yea…spoiler alert.

Are you still looking forward to this one?

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