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Destiny Beta is Now With Us…I Have Something to Play


So we haven’t been very active lately.  Apologies people, but like we have always said we aren’t a gaming news blog.  We only produce content when it’s enjoyable.  We don’t get much joy out of posting pointless gameplays and commentaries just to keep up with everyone else trying to make it as a YouTube super star.  We are currently in the early days of a new console generation, but with all the heavy hitters coming this fall you can expect a little more action at weRgamerz.

We will start with the Destiny beta this week.  This game has been at the top of our list since last year.  This isn’t a promise of content, but I (Wes) will be recording some gameplay.  If I come up with a commentary worth sharing then I’ll just post it on here, but if not I may just wait a little bit longer to get back on my YouTube mission.  I’ve watched gameplay online when Playstation player got access, and it was pretty boring to watch (in my opinion).

Are any of you playing right now?  Will you be playing the beta this week?  Add me on live, and maybe we can get a session in (WesdaRuler).


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