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Goodbye BF4, Hello Titanfall: Uncle Rza is “Draking” on Battlefield [IGZ]

Word on the road..Rza don’t play BF4 no mo…”uEEnnGotta” tell nobody…they already know

After playing the Titanfall beta Uncle Rza just can’t find the motivation to finish a game of BF4.  Check out his commentary and share your thoughts in the comments.

Do you agree, or is he just Draking?


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BF3 End Game Talk: CTF Gameplay

As promised, WesdaRuler drops off some CTF gameplay from the recently released End Game on BF3.  He shares his thoughts on the dlc.  He also shares his thoughts on what he wants from Battlefield in the future……and shoots his teammate DC One.


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Tuesday Night Battlefield! – Teamwork

This week’s Tuesday Night BF3 focuses on teamwork, and the type of vibe we like to have in the party.

Hope you enjoy!

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