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Goodbye BF4, Hello Titanfall: Uncle Rza is “Draking” on Battlefield [IGZ]

Word on the road..Rza don’t play BF4 no mo…”uEEnnGotta” tell nobody…they already know

After playing the Titanfall beta Uncle Rza just can’t find the motivation to finish a game of BF4.  Check out his commentary and share your thoughts in the comments.

Do you agree, or is he just Draking?


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Battlefield 4: Domination on Zavod 29-6 [Titanfall Talk]

Some BF4 gameplay on the Xbox One.  I still have love for Battlefield….I just hope DICE/EA have learned from this one.  I share my excitement for the upcoming Titanfall beta, and have my fingers crossed that I get in.


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Battlefield 4: Grown Man S*** (BF4 TDM)

A man gotta do what a man gotta do…



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How’s That Next Gen Treating You?

FINALLY!!!  A freaking UPLOAD!!!!!  I promise you if I was famous  enough to do this Youtube and blog thing fulltime I would…..but that just isn’t the case.  They have been out in the wild for a few weeks now so I have to know….how’s the next generation of console gaming treating you?  Share all the details folks!!!!

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How’s Your PS4 Treating You?

Were you able to pick up a PlayStation 4 back on the 15th?  How is it???  I won’t be able to pick one up until next year, but I’m curious if it’s everything people want it to be.  Check out the vid and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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My Relationship With BF4….”It’s Complicated”

We will have a more “official” impressions video up shortly, but here are my thoughts right now.  One day I LOVE this game.  Sure it’s not as great as the PC version, but I still have a lot of fun.  Dice managed to squeeze every last bit of goodness in the Xbox 360 to create a shooter that will keep me busy until I upgrade to another system.  The next day I HATE this game.  Dice clearly didn’t spend much time on the current generation console versions of this game.  This game isn’t a huge improvement over BF3, but it barely even manages to run right.

Yea…we are still working on the impressions video.

Lol enjoy!

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BF4 Domination: This Mode WORKS on Current Gen Consoles!

Turns out there might be life in the current gen version of Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.  Domination seems to be the “poor mans” Conquest mode and even though this mode is definitely not new to the Battlefield (or FPS) universe, it is a much appreciated addition to this game.  Less players, smaller play area, and no vehicles.  The depression hit these soldiers pretty hard.  Either way, thanks to these factors this mode plays very well.  A good mix of PTFO and gun on gun action, I definitely recommend this mode to all looking to get their feet wet in the world of BF4.

Hope you enjoy!

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BF4 TDM Gameplay: M416/M26 Mass a Great Combo!

Let the BF4 uploads begin!  I’ve was able to pick up this game yesterday, and got a few hours of gameplay in over the night.  So far everything seems to work as expected.  I plan on having a Gamer Talk on this shortly, but for now I will just be uploading some gameplay.  This time I share some footage from one of my first Team Deathmatches.  I have to say that TDM on BF4 is waaaay better than it was on BF3..for now anyway.  They seem to have chosen the correct areas of the map this time around.  Of course that might all change once snipers start finding their ways on top of buildings that they shouldn’t have access to.  Anyway, I run with the M416 and M26 Mass.  Both guns did very well in this mode, and I definitely recommend you give them a try in your next match.

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Battlefield 4 Weapon Stats


Weapon Charts Here! (Via Symthic.com)

So Battlefield 4 has finally been released on the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 and PC.  If you are anything like me you have been stuck at work all day checking out gameplay via Twitch and YouTube.  The struggle of having responsibilities…

Well while I was dreaming of being at home in my boxers raging profanities at my TV, I came across some BF4 weapon charts that I wanted to share with my fellow gamers.  The charts available seem to cover all available weapons in BF4 currently.  They cover damage over distance, time to kill, recoil, and may other stats on easy to understand line graphs.  The site states that all stats are pulled directly from the game files, so they are 100% accurate.  If you are the type of player who basis their weapon and load out choices on the facts, then you should definitely bookmark this one.

Hope it helps, and we will be on the battlefield in full force tonight on the Xbox 360!

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Battlefield 4 is out NEXT WEEK!!! Will you be picking it up?

BF4 hits the streets next week for PC and current gen consoles.  We know that every PC player out there will have no reason to hold back, but it’s a decision worth putting some thought into for consoles players.  Will you be picking up your copy of Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, or will you hold out for the next gen versions coming next month?

Decisions, decisions….

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