Titanfall is not COD With Mechs…it’s Titanfall

The title says it all.

Yes, they are both fast paced “arcade” shooters.  Yes, the guys from Respawn created COD.

No, Titanfall and COD are not the same game.


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Ryse: Son of Rome…The “Other” Version [Ep #1]

I know…it seems crazy to post anything on Youtube that isn’t Titanfall right now, but oh well.  I recently beat Ryse: Son of Rome….4 times.  Fitting, because it’s campaign is only about 4 hours.  I’ve always wanted to enter the world of “Lets Plays” to show off all the other games I play.  Unfortunately, I’m a VERY quite player.  So after playing around with some ideas I came up with this.  A lot of people didn’t care for this game, but maybe it’s because you played the wrong version.

Check out episode #1 of Ryse:  Son of Rome…The “Other” Version.


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Titanfall will not have SplitScreen

There has been a lot of Titanfall stuff released on the internet.  Most notably the beta file dump I shared earlier.  Here’s one rumor I’ll clear up for you.  Titanfall will not have splitscreen options according to the above tweet by Respawn.

I guess sharing the screen is SO last gen.

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Titanfall: Hardpoint Domination Gameplay [Shotty!]

Using the shotgun in Titanfall is ALMOST as fun as using it in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  Still, my favorite “shotty body” moments are with the Spas-12 on BF3.  This is a game of Hardpoint Domination on Angel City.  Stat wise, it’s 15 pilot kills and 3 deaths.  This mode doesn’t show how many Titan kills you get on the scoreboard (unless they are added into the pilot kills).  With those I probably went…Idk…18-3.  Who really cares though…

Music was made by me!


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Titanfall Maps and Modes Revealed! [Retail Version]


A user by the name of RazorUK took a look in the Titanfall game files and found some interesting stuff.  The full details are located here, but I’ll list a few things below.  Peep the link for weapon lists, perk lists, and map pictures.

Please note that this information could be wrong.

Our beta overview/impressions

How do you feel about the lack of single player?  Will 14-16 maps at launch be enough to look it over?  Personally, [minus Halo] I stopped playing FPS campaigns YEARS ago.


AT – Attrition?
TDM – Team Deathmatch?
CTF – Capture the Flag?
LTS – Last Titan Standing?
HP- Hardpoint Capture?
VM – Variety Mode (a mix of all the other modes listed, sans campaign)
Campaign Multiplayer


angel city
outpost 207
smugglers cove
training ground* [not sure if this will be an actual map]

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The New weRgamerz Youtube Channel

The video sums it up pretty well.  I hope you guys come over, but thank you to everyone who have watched us.  We have been around for more than a year, and I’ve made real friends through this channel.

I hope to make more!

Our Youtube Channel

Titanfall: Beta Overview & Impressions

Here is our Titanfall beta overview.  Just showing what was available in the beta, and at the end sharing my impressions.  My opinion of the game may change when it is released next week, but it’s pretty awesome.  This will be the new king of arcade shooters….unless someone brings some serious heat this holiday season.


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Titanfall Impressions Xbox One/PC [IGZ]

Our brother channel Ignorant Gamerz share their impressions of the Titanfall beta.  Both Snow and Rza put up some gameplay and let you know how they are feeling about it so far.  The word polished comes to mind.  I will be uploading my beta overview very soon.


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Battlefield 4: Domination on Zavod 29-6 [Titanfall Talk]

Some BF4 gameplay on the Xbox One.  I still have love for Battlefield….I just hope DICE/EA have learned from this one.  I share my excitement for the upcoming Titanfall beta, and have my fingers crossed that I get in.


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Project Spark Beta Might be Coming to Xbox One Next Week

Coming this month?

Coming this month?

Word on twitter is that the Project Spark beta might appear on Xbox One next week.  I’m not sure how excited people are about this game, but I have been playing the PC beta for about a month.  I think this game will be worth a look.  Similar to Little Big Planet, the possibilities are endless.  This can really be any kind of game that the community thinks of.  I’m a terrible creator, but I have fun playing and rating other created worlds.  I’ve been considering doing a feature for community created content on this blog and our channel, and the Xbox One beta would be the perfect time to gauge interest.  Not sure if it’s really coming next week, or this month for that matter.  There’s a chance it gets pushed to March.  Peep CVG’s article on it for more details.

We shall see.


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