Nintendo: Mario Kart this Summer, Mobile App, and More

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It’s no secret that Nintendo wishes they were doing waaayyyyyy a little better right now. We all have heard about the pay cuts due to those other guys selling more in two months weak Wii U sales. The general public has pretty much written the Wii U off, but a lot of news is dropping from their press conference today that might put a smile on the faces of the 5+ million Wii U customers they do have.

Mario Kart is coming this summer (May?)! I still love this game to death and it’s pretty much an auto buy for me. They shared plans for a new “Nintendo app”. Not sure what this really means, but I assume it will attempt what’s already available from Microsoft and Sony. They also mentioned licensing out their characters to 3rd parties. Not 100% sure what this really means, but I saw random comments hoping for something along the lines of the Kingdom Hearts series. We can hope…


I am a huge fan of the Wii U. I like the system and what it offers, but I don’t see it lasting much longer. I keep trying to think of some type of magic plan to make it a “must have”, but even with the new Mario game out (which is an amazing game) they couldn’t convince consumers.

Oh well….I’ll will still be enjoying Mario Kart this summer.

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