Call of Duty: Ghosts is the real deal…


Every year a new Call of Duty comes out, I hear the same thing: “It’s the same game”, Call of Duty sucks, play Battlefield instead.” I swear I think the majority of this animosity is only directed at Call of Duty due to the massive amount of fame and success that has come with the franchise. I played Battlefield 4, and after dealing with server issues, bugs and the like, I found a game I enjoyed but certainly enjoy Battlefield 3 much better. Here comes Call of Duty (the first official game I have actually paid for for my Xbox One) and immediately after just one match, I fell in love. Graphically, it’s gorgeous, it has the best gameplay of a shooter I have played in such a long time, it such a refreshing multiplayer to me…yes the mutliplayer formula for the last few Call of Dutys’ was pretty similar, but with Ghosts we get a brand new, fresh take on multiplayer and I love it. While this isn’t a review, it’s a reminder that just because a game has so much commercial and financial success doesn’t mean the developers have “sold out” just to make money, but some games are going to be better than others when dealing with a long term franchise (look at Halo 3). My main goal is to get people to not just listen to reviews and word of mouth, if you have any want or need to play Call of Duty: Ghosts but for some reason are hesitant, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You will not be disappointed…

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