The Wii U: The Perfect Second Console

I picked up a Wii U close to it’s release date.  I wanted…no NEEDED Monster Hunter in my life.  I also picked up Super Mario Bros U just because….well because.  For about a month or two my Wii U got some heavy play time.  I loved it, and was very happy with my purchase, but that wore out soon after.  As usual, Monster Hunter didn’t get strong support in the US, and even thought Mario Bros U was (and is) a great game, it’s still Mario.  I got bored, and didn’t have any other games to turn to.  So, I boxed up that sucker and jumped back into the world of Xbox via my 360.  Now I know what some of you are thinking.  “The Wii U doesn’t have any games (at that time anyway) so of course you stopped playing it.  It sucks!!!”  Was I right?  Is this what some of you were thinking?  If so you aren’t getting it yet.  Let me finish my story….


I suck at this game and rage often

I play Xbox 360 (and games in general) for two reasons.  To hang out with some of my friends, and I love games.  Pretty much all of my buddies own the Xbox 360, so that was my console of choice.  Halo changed our lives back in the day…anyway.  We generally buy the same games so we can run together.  We all enjoy shooters so…well we play a lot of shooters.  First person is usually our go to, but we do manage to get into some third person games as well.  I used to really be into Ghost Recon.  I believe that Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3 where the shooters of choice back when the Wii U was just coming out.  We played more BF3 than anything, and I was pretty good at it.  The homies and I would meet up every Friday and Saturday night and play session after session.  Good times indeed.  While this was going on, other games were coming out.  The Wii U especially was starting to pick up some steam on the software side.  This was a good thing since the first few months after launch were awfully dry.  Still, even with just the two games I owned I still managed to get time in to rage play some Mario.  It was a nice break from the usual FPS fest….

The next generation is coming up quick!  It’s now September, and if you aren’t excited about PS4/Xbox One, you are probably jumping up and down for BF4, GTA V, COD: Ghosts, and etc…etc.  I was very excited for the potential that was Grand Theft Auto Online.  I knew this game was going to be it.  At the same time, I was growing increasingly tired of my usual gaming lineup.  Shooter, Shooter, Sports, Shooter.  I was becoming exhausted with the overcrowded genres and was looking for something else to get into and it wasn’t just me.  The crew I ran with on BF3 went from 10 people every night to 4 or 5 on a good night to just me and DC.  We were all facing genre fatigue.  What made it worse is I still wanted to play games!  I would search online and at Gamestop hoping to find something that would grab my attention, but didn’t have much luck at first.  I looked over the Xbox 360’s massive lineup and couldn’t find one game of interest that I hadn’t already played during other times of genre fatigue.  The PlayStation 3 wasn’t looking any better.  Oh well, guess I’ll just keep playing Batttlefield…or at least I thought I’d be able to keep playing.  BF4 turned out to be a technical cow turd.  The game was just awful.  Shit just didn’t work.  My rage meter was threw the roof. I considered just going ahead and making the jump to Xbox One.  I wanted the system just for the upgrades alone.  I even got as far as packing up my Xbox 360 with the full intention of selling it off to the highest buyer.  I was just ready to move on man!  Mind you it’s  holiday season by this time, and every year I take a look at the things I have and sell off unused gadgets on Ebay.  It’s kinda my thing.  So while I was scavenging the house looking for sellable goods I come across my dusty Wii U.  I forgot I even owned this thing….

The savior of my gaming sanity

The savior of my gaming sanity

It’s been a good while since I gave Nintendo’s console a good run.  I don’t even know what games are out.  Lets take a quick look on the infonet…..woah!  Super Mario 3D is being called one of the best Mario games EVER??  They re-made the one version of Zelda I never got to play?  Looks like I found the break I’ve been looking for! It was a hard decision, but I choose Zelda over Mario.  Mainly due to the fact I’m cheap $10 difference in price.  When I finally managed to get some time to play this game I was almost instantly revitalized.  The mix of new game and childhood nostalgia was strong in this one.  This feeling is the reason I will never review a Wii U game just because the thing would be so overwhelming bias positive that it’s just pointless.  That’s when I realized why the Wii U was such a great purchase.  Sad that it took a WHOLE YEAR to figure it out, but what can you do?

Not every person in the world will have this problem.  Some people pop in a disc, play for an hour, and are completely satisfied.  Some peeps just love certain genres and games and don’t care to mix it up or venture out.  Nothing wrong with any of that, but that’s just not me.  I need a healthy mix.  No one genre can keep me forever and if your are anything like me having a Wii U under your preferred gaming box is highly recommended.  None of the other consoles have or will have anything remotely close to what is available on the Wii U.  The console and it’s games just give off a whole different kind of vibe entirely, and it’s a nice break from what I consider “the norm” in console gaming.  I don’t think the Wii U has the power to stand on it’s own.  At least not for a large part of the market, though I can see how some people would be completely satisfied just owning it exclusively.  I will say this though:  Having a Xbox One/PS4 + a Wii U is a million times better than keeping your PS3/Xbox 360.


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