How’s That Next Gen Treating You?

FINALLY!!!  A freaking UPLOAD!!!!!  I promise you if I was famous  enough to do this Youtube and blog thing fulltime I would…..but that just isn’t the case.  They have been out in the wild for a few weeks now so I have to know….how’s the next generation of console gaming treating you?  Share all the details folks!!!!

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4 thoughts on “How’s That Next Gen Treating You?

  1. PlayLegit says:

    The game deleted my Campaign file twice. That ain’t right!


  2. Lewis Peet says:

    Love having my PS4, I haven’t got Battlefield yet though so it will get a lot better when I finally get that, don’t rate Killzone much. You should do more of these you’ll pick up viewers if you do loads consistently

    • WesdaRuler says:

      Glad to hear your enjoying your PS4! It’s probably best that you waited a little on BF4 anyway. Give them some time to work the bugs out. What games are you playing currently? And thanks! I will be loading commentaries on a more consistent basis going forward.


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