Xbox One Dashboard is incredible!


So as I was opening my Day 1 edition console..I didn’t know what to expect…all I knew at the time was that the box felt like it had bricks inside. After the unboxing, and going through the mandatory day 1 update..I was finally at the dashboard of my brand new Xbox One. I was blown away at the organization of it, the huge amount of apps and how fast and seamless it seemed to be. I of course immediately went to download Killer Instinct and was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly quick download that allowed me to start playing the game at only 75% completion. I remember hearing about Xbox Fitness, a fantastic app with free workouts to Xbox Live Gold members with tons of different workouts and achievements for working out…count me in! One of my favorite features is that at anytime during a game you can hit the Xbox Home button at the top of the Xbox One controller and at anytime you can view your dashboard all while the game remains paused to watch a movie, start a download or whatever you want to do..when you are ready to resume play just go to the game icon and it takes you right where you left off. There is so much more to get too, and there will be a video tomorrow with much more in depth coverage and analysis of this amazing dashboard!

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2 thoughts on “Xbox One Dashboard is incredible!

  1. When i got my new Xbox one, Its so fabulous, dark black shiny, I really like my xbox one, and the gaming experience is amazing, I recommend to all please buy this console…….


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