Next Gen is HERE…..why I’m not here with it.

Next Gen

I’ve checked out both the PS4 and Xbox One reveals. My reaction….hglahkghdlhhfjhfjhbkaj!!!! These “thangs” here! I got to have one. Where can I preorder? I have a personal agenda against Gamestop (they are NOT for gamers or their employees for that matter!!) so I ran with Amazon. The plan right now is to get both. I don’t appreciate missing out on good games due to dedicating my soul to one devil console. “1000 in one month doesn’t sound to smart Wes. You are expecting a baby in July. Plus….you’re already pretty broke without said baby.” Damn! I’m right…I am broke. I have to choose. Granted I will just by the other one later, but I want them both right away!

After some careful thought and meditation my decision…Xbox One. Both consoles are perfect in many ways. The games that each have coming over the next year or two look promising, and Sony finally fixed their controllers which was my only gripe with them. Still, the Playstation 4 didn’t have a lot of the other features that the Xbox One was showing off or they weren’t showing them off at the time. The entertainment aspect of the Xbox One proved to be an easier sell to my wife. I could spend $400 just to play games or spend $500 to play games and control my TV, stream countless apps, and play games. Yea my wife loves the TV. Plus I lose my tv remote a lot. The son will love some of the Kinect games….yes this will be a way easier sell.


Man…babies are expensive. I think I’ve bought 2 Xbox Ones worth of formula over the past two months. When I made this preorder we had a freaking stash of diapers….we still have that stash but he has outgrown them. I see my savings slowing dying…how am I going to pay for this next gen console greatness?? I could sell this, stop buying that, and save up on the such and such….but it is just a game console. Dammit!!! Don’t do this to me life! I don’t like having proper priorities! Let me carelessly buy this Xbox One. I NEED it!!!! Sigh….I do have my Xbox 360 still. I could just run with that for a lil while longer. Man…I really wanted to play BF4…wait that’s on the Xbox 360. Well I hate that I will miss out on Titanfall….oh that’s on the 360 too? Well Destiny is the one to look out for…dammit!!! Are you telling me there is no rush to go next gen??? That my family and financial standing is more important than 60 frames per second and “Xbox, on”? Nah bruh….


Man this is tough. Amazon is asking….”Are you sure you want to cancel your DAY ONE XBOX ONE?” Why couldn’t you just cancel when I clicked cancel? Now I have to meditate all over again. No Wes, you know this is the right thing to do. There, I’ve canceled…that wasn’t that bad. Grand Theft Auto comes out next week! I’m good man! What do I tell people though? I told everybody I had my preorder months ago. Even ran my big mouth on the Youtube. Aw man….well there are plenty of logical reasons I guess. The first batch usually is the worst batch. Who wants a system just to send it back due to manufacturing issues right? The launch line up on both isn’t that strong anyway…but I want a uuuUUUUUTTTTttrrrraaaa COMBOOOOOO!!!! Oh well, it will still be around when I pick it up. Plus I still got my trusty Xbox 360 and a promise of support for the next two years. No way Microsoft will drop us like they did Zune, WP7, Silverlight, and etc… Yea, this sounds good. I’ll just run with that.

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