Games and Music – “Sketches” EP Impressions


If you are a subscriber of our YouTube channel, you’re already very familiar with Professa (whether you know it or not!).  A beatsmith who doesn’t get a third of the credit he deserves, Professa is our go to guy for dope music.  He recently dropped a “new” EP called Sketches and it is now my favorite collection of tracks that I have EVER listened to.  The funny part about it…ask Professa about this new mix and he will most likely reply “that’s just some old shit.”  Humble man indeed.

I recommend just grabbing your best headphones, pick track number 1, and just hit play.  This track is a mix of the whole EP all mashed together into 22 minutes of good vibes, and thought invoking music.  Listening to it this way really puts your mind on a journey.  I caught myself going from reminiscing on the past to thinking about the times ahead with my son and wife.  There were a couple of stand out tracks for me though…

#2 Alone (But Something’s Missing) – The first song you hear, I really really REALLY love this loop.  The title and song match perfectly.  Great choice of instruments also.

#3 Dear Love – A great sample, and a great choice of drums.

#18 Tomita Blue – I wish it was longer.  Professa..FINISH THIS BEAT!!!

#8 Love Story (Letter to B.I.G Remake) – Very well made track.  Did a very good job adding that “ProfessaBOUNCE” to this one.

#11 Isolation X Desolation – My favorite track on the EP!  Love the Pad (or chord?) used in this one.  The drums/hats are perfect.

The Verdict

Once again Professa showcases incredible skill as a beatsmith and great vision as an overall artist.  Of course since these are old works we can only assume that he is 3x the artist and beatsmith he was then.  If you’re a gamer looking for something to vibe to while you rage playing BF4, or are just a fan of chill music I highly recommend this release.

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