GTA Online Stimulus Package has been DELAYED!!!


Rockstar has stated on their twitter that they will be delaying the first 200k deposit that was coming this week.  They want to get the bugs behind them before making it rain on the whole GTA Online community.  I say it’s the right move.  Wouldn’t it suck if we got the payment, and then half the world lost their data AGAIN!?  I really hope they manage to get this game running properly soon.  I haven’t had any issues since the game launched, but I am a rare GTA breed indeed.  Even when you compare this to other launch week failures (Sim City!) Rockstar’s online criminal world doesn’t stack up well.  I imagine this will also slow down the new content they have planned for the first few weeks, but that’s just me guessing.

I think it’s funny that they still manage to find time to cut down reward money for the missions….

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One thought on “GTA Online Stimulus Package has been DELAYED!!!

  1. […] dropped some more info on their upcoming plans for GTA Online.  As mentioned here your first stimulus payment has been delayed, but they want to get it out next week.  The […]


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