GTA Online Beach Bum Pack coming early November, Content Creator to Follow


Rockstar just dropped some more info on their upcoming plans for GTA Online.  As mentioned here your first stimulus payment has been delayed, but they want to get it out next week.  The “Beach Bum Pack” is due to arrive early next month, and will add new jobs, clothes, tattoos, hairstyles, vehicles, and more.  They also made mention of the content creator coming soon.  Both the Beach Bum Pack and Content Creator will be free title updates.  They briefly mentioned Heists and Capture the Flag, but only stated that they will be releasing more information next week.  I wish they would put the co-op heists a little further up on the priority list…like right after fixing the game.

Grand Theft Auto Online will also start up online events via “Social Club Event Weekends” starting in November.  On Max Payne 3 this usually meant things like Rockstar playing with the community, or exp bonus weekends.  There’s also mention “Event Crate Drops” and GTAV gear giveaways.  A good way to get the community excited I guess.

I just want the heists, but I’m sure this will be enough to keep me busy.

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