GTA Online Tips – Helping You Become a Better Criminal


Now that people are finally starting to experience what Grand Theft Online is all about, we thought it would be a good idea to share a few of the tactics we have been using so far.  I (Wes) haven’t had any problems with GTA Online connectivity, and have been playing since day one.  The rest of the weRgamerz crew have been online since Wednesday.  Hopefully the tips we share here will help out our fellow gamers and criminals.

  • Deposit your cash from your cell phone – This is the fastest and most convenient way to secure your cash after missions and robberies.  Just press up on the d-pad and go to the internet.  From there pick money and services and scroll down to the Maze Bank link.  Go through the bank’s menu and eventually you will see an option to deposit your money.
  • Sell cars to LS Customs in between missions – This is a very good tactic to double up on your money.  Find a nice car to steal and ride out to any LS Customs garage.  In GTA Online there is an option to sell the car.  I generally pull in at least 5K from selling the vehicle.  Don’t to be to fancy with your car selection though.  LS Customs won’t buy cars that are “to hot” as they put it.  I believe this might be based on your rank, but I’m not 100% sure.
  • Don’t forget Tennis/Base Jumping/Golf/Etc – All activities in GTA Online make you money and earn you experience points.  Plus you can bet on matches!
  • The Cops are Hardcore – The cops in GTA Online are noticeably more hardcore compared to the single player portion.  If you find a car out in the wild that you want, be sure to take it straight to LS Customs for a respray.  Riding around in a stolen car will automatically get you 1-2 stars if you are spotted by the boys in blue.  They tend to spot you before you spot them.
  • Looking for a Chopper? – Go to the Heli pad area next to the Los Santos airport.  It’s not to far from where Franklin’s garage would be in the single player.  There are always 3 choppers there for the taking.

That’s all we have for now.  We will be online for most of the weekend, and will be posting more gameplay up on our youtube channel.

Also  check out my first day as a criminal in GTA Online.

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