Battlefield 4 Beta Modes Revealed (And Every Other Mode!)

BF4 beta is right around the corner!!!

BF4 beta is right around the corner!!!

Dice dropped off a blog post today on the Battlefield Blog detailing what game modes to expect in Battlefield 4. It’s looking like multiplayer options will be plentiful indeed. They also noted that both Conquest and Domination will be available on the beta next month. Something tells me that Domination will be seeing ALOT of play time, especially on the consoles. I enjoyed this mode a lot when they released close quarters, and even went as far as stating they should drop Team Deathmatch and just include Domination.  Don’t worry if you are a TDM lover though.  That mode will be included in the full game.  The whole weRgamerz squad (just 2 of us lol) are very excited for this beta/game.  You can definitely hang around here for gameplay, impressions, and all that other Youtube candy.  You can also check out our BF4 trailer impressions below.

Are you excited about the BF4 beta?



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