Grand Theft Auto Online – Rockstar Shares Some New Info


Rockstar just release a pretty long blog post today that share a few new details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online.  You can find the post here, but these are the things that caught my eye…

  • Planned new content – The “Beach Bum Pack” will contain 4 new vehicles, 300 pieces of new clothing, and 2 new weapons.  This gets me really excited not just for this pack, but future packs down the line.  There’s no telling how much stuff we will have just by the end of this year.
  • Heists – I was thrown off by this one.  This is included in the “future” content section.  So GTA Online will launch without heists?
  • People can buy money…with money – Not really a big deal for me, but worth noting.
  • Every in-game activity seems to earn you reputation and cash – That is the complete opposite of how things work in Grand Theft Auto 5 single player.  This pleases me greatly.  I complained about this in my last GTA 5 post.

These are the big stand outs for me, but be sure to check out the post yourself.

We are VERY excited about Grand Theft Auto Online, and have some special Youtube plans for when it drops.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto Online – Rockstar Shares Some New Info

  1. […] doesn’t stack up well.  I imagine this will also slow down the new content they have planned for the first few weeks, but that’s just me […]

  2. […] cuts in mission payouts lately I could definitely use the money.  I’d prefer coop heist and this, but in due time….in due […]


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