GTA Online Talk, Yoshi’s Island Remix, Destiny Trailer, Warfighter, and More!!!

Check us out!

Check us out!

It’s Friday!!!

Oh yea!!!

Check out the stuff you might have missed from weRgamerz. Go ahead and get it out the way now. We know you will be watching as much PAX stuff as possible this whole weekend.

We also have another upload for our “2 Guys and a Game” series. Probably will have it up this weekend so look out for that!

Have a great weekend!!!!

GTA Online…man this game makes next gen look a like joke.  Podcast version here.

This is our current track of the month.  Remix to Yoshi’s Island (the first one/snes).  Vibe to this nostalgia.

Oh Destiny….just come out tomorrow.

Some more of that WAAARRRFIIGHTER!!!

Throwback!!!!!  WesdaRhymes drops of some….well he drops off something.  Enjoy!

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