A Change is a Coming (weRgamerz Update)

Intro-2b (1)

So maybe you haven’t noticed(check us out!), but there hasn’t been a lot of commentaries on the channel lately.  Just gameplay and good music.  Well don’t worry friends because that is about to change.  There has just been ALOT going on over the past few months.  The biggest being Wes having his first kid.  Since he has done the majority of commentaries up til now, that should pretty much explain why we haven’t had any lately.   DC One has stepped up to the plate and provided a commentary, and plans on providing more in the future, but there’s more going on in the background.  Change is-a-coming and  weRgamerz is getting an UPDATE!!!

With the next gen approaching (and with it a host of new games) we decided that the channel should update too.  We’ve got new intros, better commentaries, more music, and will be adding another blogger.  We are currently planning to unveil some of these changes this week starting with a group commentary and a new intro (Don’t hold us to that…we are pretty lazy).  Like every other channel We will lose our lives playing and uploading GTA V/GTA Online.  We are unnaturally VERY excited about that game!  We will also be loading BF4 beta gameplay and have the Xbox One on pre order, so this will be a very exciting few months.  There is also a chance that you will catch some Diablo 3 gameplay courtesy of Wes, but let us not get to far ahead of ourselves here…I mean an MMO on the Xbox 360…we shall see.

We also wanted to take out time to say thank you to the people that follow our blog and youtube.  There aren’t a lot of you compared to other blogs/youtube, but the fact that there are people out there that enjoy our content enough to waste their time with it watch and read means a great deal to us.

So thank you!

We would give you a cookie…

but Wes ate it.

It was a REALLY good cookie too.

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