Battlefield 4 shows off some “Levelution” at Gamescom

When Dice/EA showed off BF4 at E3 I completely ignored all talk about Levelution. What the hell is a Levelution? Things with cheesy marketing names….anyway. In my mind BF4 was just bringing back the destruction we enjoyed in Bad Company 2. Well I was completely wrong and today at Gamescom they proved that it is so much more than taking down buildings to destroy the sheltered M Comm station (Yea we all did it!). Do NOT sleep on Levelution!

They also posted up a new trailer showing off a new map and some of the new destruction. Watching a freaking battleship turn a city into a naval war ground is awesome, but that’s just a piece of this new Levelution concept. During Gamescom they showed a player killing the lights in a building. He then went on to use night vision and kill two soldiers. It sounds like a single player mission (Splinter CEEEELLLLL!!), but this all went down during a multiplayer match. They also used an example of one player trying to knife an enemy only to be caught in action by some nearby car alarms he set off. How do you even think of this stuff Dice?

Enjoy the trailer above. As for me, I will continue to throw my debit card at the screen hoping for my copy of BF4 and my Xbox One.

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2 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 shows off some “Levelution” at Gamescom

  1. Subir kumar says:

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