Grand Theft Auto Online: Your Life is OVER

GTA Online Trailer…Good LAWD!

I think I have watched this trailer about…I don’t know 2052 times. Let’s see……it’s about 3 minutes long. Times that by that….yea that’s 6,156 minutes of my life gone. That’s 6,152 minutes of me throwing my debit card at the screen. This game is SERIOUS! It will consume you!!!!

When I watch this trailer I find myself always asking “what can I NOT do in this game?” There’s deathmatch, you can race, run from the cops, rob banks, play golf, and more. You can even invite friends over to your apartment. Why even bother trying to live a real life?

For some, the only downfall of this trailer is that GTA Online will not be released with GTA V. I believe GTA Online will hit in October, but trust me this is a blessing. This gives you time to enjoy the single player in GTA V, and alert your family/friends that you will disappear for the remainder of the year.  The weRgamerz crew will do a proper reaction video sometime this weekend.

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One thought on “Grand Theft Auto Online: Your Life is OVER

  1. […] are pretty lazy).  Like every other channel We will lose our lives playing and uploading GTA V/GTA Online.  We are unnaturally VERY excited about that game!  We will also be loading BF4 beta gameplay […]


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