Xbox One…I Salute You

Xbox One

I just don’t get it.  What exactly is the world looking for?  Microsoft and the Xbox team have just announced a platform and system with AMAZING potential.  What’s with the negativity?  Did we not watch the same conference?



I could just end this part with stating that this unveil was about the Xbox One console.  This is the box that will play the games.  Not a game itself.  They stated before, during, and after the event that there will be plenty of news on the games a few weeks from now at E3.  This apparently isn’t enough for the world, so I will try another route instead…logic.  We already know that the new Xbox will play new games.  We already know that these new games will look and play better.  This is really a given.  With the exception of Nintendo (tear), all new consoles released over the last century have ended with this result.  Is it not common sense by now?   People looking for news on games were anticipating the wrong event.  This event was about a new platform.  It was to showcase some of the capabilities of that platform.  It was to get people talking about the Xbox One, and it has succeeded.  Though it has ended with a little more hate than Microsoft was probably wanting, everyone is talking about their system.  This also almost guarantees that everyone will also be watching them at E3.  This is what they want.  We’ve waited 8 years people, what’s a couple of weeks?

Growing Audience

See once upon a time Gamer was Xbox’s only focus.  Xbox was a young guy back then.  New to the world, instead of trying to stand out in the crowd he just stayed where he fit in.  Over the years Gamer and Xbox spent countless hours together.  This formed a strong bond between the two.  Gamer felt like he practically raised young Xbox from infancy and to an extent he did, but something changed.  Xbox grew up.  Xbox started to learn its own potential.  That it shouldn’t be a follower, but a leader.  Turns out that it’s ok to move out of your comfort zone.  Once Xbox started to do this its audience expanded.  Gamer wasn’t the only one in its life anymore.  Not to say Xbox doesn’t love Gamer anymore.  I mean Gamer and Xbox will still be able to get together and do what they do best, but Xbox wants to achieve more.  To do this it must reach out to a larger crowd.

You see Xbox hasn’t stopped focusing on gamers.  It’s just that gamers aren’t their only focus anymore.  You’re not used to seeing a gaming console that openly strives to do more than just play games, because for years just playing games was all they did.  Gaming is evolving folks.  It’s starting to become a recognized form of Entertainment.  Sure to us gamers it’s always been that way, but games now get looked at and talked about by more than just IGN and GI.  This is progress.  Xbox/Microsoft splitting its focus to push forward gaming and evolve what people think of as entertainment is something that’s needed in the industry.  Gaming still has a long way to go, but it’s a move in the right direction.  Even Sony recognizes this.  They just weren’t as upfront about it.

Console Looks




If you don’t like the Xbox One, I don’t want to change your mind.  This is the reason why consumers have choice.  All I want is for people to stop complaining about the one thing they didn’t see (which is coming!) and take a moment to really reflect on what was displayed.  Imagine the scenario…

You walk into your living room and simply state “Xbox on” on your way to the kitchen.  The Xbox not only recognizes the command, but also the voice.  So it takes the liberty of signing you into Xbox Live.  You yell out “Xbox porn TV” so you can watch your favorite TV show while you fix a sandwich.  Upon finishing that sandwich, you walk in the living room and receive a Skype message from your buddy.  “Hey get on BF4 fool!”  It’s the last game you played so you say “Xbox game”……..then you realize you need your controller to play!  How is that not awesome????  Did I mention the Xbox One is recording your gameplay for you as well….

I know there are some clear issues that I didn’t mention in this post.  The always connected err…Kinect, possible (is this true?) used game fee, backwards compatibility (Xbox arcade is the only fail for me here), and the list goes on, but if all you saw was COD Ghost dogs you were watching the wrong event.

Let me know your thoughts!

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