One Day E3….One Day

No love E3...

No love E3…

E3 is right around the corner.  Come June 11-13th I will be anything but productive.  Whether at work or at home, I will be fully engaged into various live blogs and streams.  This E3 has the potential to be the most exciting E3 event we have seen in a veeeerrrrryyy long time (at least a billion years right?)

The only thing that bugs me about this E3 is what bugs me every E3….I’m not going.  You heard it right, WesdaRuler aka #MrNevaMissAParty was not, has not, and will not be invited to this event.  Word on the street is I’m not that popular.  Ha! My blog gets three a million views a day….I’m popular dammit!  That’s not even counting the hundred gazillion views I get on our youtube channel, and my thirty five….thousand followers on twitter via @WesdaRuler (follow me!).  It’s crazy, I know.

So like every other E3 before it, I will sit at home and watch the events unfold.  After all the excitement has ended I’ll get on Xbox live with the homies and complain about how I should have been there.  It’s the #hardknock life for us baby!

So now that I’m done crying for no reason venting I want to share some of the places I will be getting my E3 gaming news from.  I imagine a lot of you will also be watching the event from you home/job, so why not share resources?  Check my list below….

  • Edutainment – I just recently started to follow Katy, but she will be at E3 this year (awesome!).  Be sure to follow her blog and her twitter @Katgoodman7.
  • Ignorantgamerz – This is extended family right here!  Even though I don’t think they will be at the event, they will be watching very closely and posting various IGZ Reports via youtube.  Also be sure to check their site here.
  • Me! (wergamerz/WesdaRuler) – We already know I won’t be there (conspiracy!), but I will be posting my reactions via @WesdaRuler and on our youtube channel weRgamerz.  Join me in my madness!
  • Wolf’s Gaming Blog – I generally go here for game reviews, but I imagine there might be some type of review for this year’s E3.  If not, you should follow just for the game reviews! Blog

If there are any I missed please be sure to list them below, but please try not to load obvious ones. (G4, Joystiq, IGN, etc..)

If there is ever a year that Shenmue 3 gets announced I won’t just be there….I will jump on the freaking stage.

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2 thoughts on “One Day E3….One Day

  1. Katy says:

    Thanks for the Ping! 🙂 I love how WordPress can bring fellow game enthusiasts together and am looking forward to your content. Keep writing and I’m sure you’ll find yourself at E3!


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