Don’t Go Nintendo!


Yes…I am one of the few Wii U owners out there in the wild.  I bought it just for Monster Hunter, but since I did drop a few dollars on it I was looking forward to a big E3 showing.  You can imagine my initial heart break when I checked Joystiq and discovered that they will not be part of the big 3 this year.  To their defense, Nintendo did state that they will be doing a few closed door presentations, but considering that I will not be in the room…so what?

Before I rant explain, let me give you a little background info…..


I love em both

I (Wes) am actually a Sega man.  The first game I ever played was Sonic 1.  My gaming life started on the Sega Genesis, but I still had love for Super Mario.  I played games on the SNES at my neighbors house every other day.  We would alternate between Genesis at my house and SNES at his.  The good ole days…..  I never owned a Nintendo product until the N64, and the only reason I got it was due to the fact that even though the Sega Dreamcast (in my opinion) was the best console ever made, it was failing hard not doing so good.  I had to jump ship or be stuck playing Shenmue for the 20th time (not a bad thing actually).  I was able to pick up both a N64 and a Playstation at a yard sale for $50 bucks(ballin!).  My N64 came with two essential games, Mario Kart and Smash Brothers…need I say more.

Did I waste my money?

Did I waste my money?

Nintendo not having a big booth at this event just sucks.  There isn’t any other way to put it.  I mean…it’s Nintendo man!  Even if you don’t own their products you still watched the presentation.  Now I will be the first one to tell you that I just play video games.  When it comes to video game news, I am very uninformed.  So being the very uninformed gamer that I am, I’m assuming that Nintendo doesn’t have anything worth showing this year.  This isn’t good.  This is only confirming everything that was said about the Wii U before it came out, it will not be able to compete in the next gen.  If Nintendo has nothing to show this year what will be so different about the next?  The only thing that comes to mind are their first party offerings,  but in this day and age Mario and Zelda aren’t enough to gain new sales.  People who want those games probably already have a Wii U.  They seem to be bleeding third party support daily.  It just doesn’t look good.

Not all is lost though.  Nintendo does have the best first party line up of all systems, and they have plenty of money stashed away for security, so I wouldn’t put them in the same place as Sega.  Still, there’s something that just doesn’t feel right.  No third party support, the same (but awesome) line up of first party titles, the resale of games you’ve probably played a million times, and a recent move to start pushing smartphone games(really).  Nintendo has been in the game (haha! for a looooong time.  So I can only assume that they know what they are doing, but to the average (uniformed) gamer like myself the Wii U isn’t looking like a solid investment.


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Go Nintendo!

  1. corntown says:

    The wii U is probably going to be Nintendo’s last system. It’s sad, but the system doesn’t really offer much besides Nintendo products. Then again, once the wii U Smash, Mario Kart, and Zelda games comes out, things might change.

    • WesdaBlogger says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you were completely right. They will probably keep handhelds going, but I can’t see how they can keep home consoles going. They would make more money just making games for the other consoles. Would be awesome if them and Sega banded together and made a comeback….but that’s just me dreaming.


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