Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Best Time to Use a Trap

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Best Time to Use a Trap

Generally, I prefer to just kill my hunt when I play Monster Hunter 3 U.  It’s just easier that way, but unfortunately you got to capture them every now and then.  While playing online with random hunters I’ve noticed a few of you might not know when is the best time to put down a trap.  Actually, I’ve noticed a lot of hunters just keep throwing one down….back to back to back.

In an effort to help out I want to let you know that’s the wrong way to do it.  If you want to get the most out of that shock trap there are a few things you should know…..

  1. Wait until you see drool!
    The trap last WAY longer when your monster is tired. Every monster shows signs of being tired by drooling. Try to put down a trap before it eats. This is a good technique when you just want to get some free hits in. Don’t get this confused with limping.
  2. Capture only works when it’s limping/near death
    A lot of you already know this, but just incase.
  3. After you use a trap once, every time after will not last as long.
    Just like any status affect, once it has been used once every monster generally builds a high resistance to it.
  4. Bring Bombs!
    If your laying down traps don’t forget some small/large bombs. They can be game changers! Changing a 30 minute battle into a 10 minute scuffle.

That’s all I have this time.  I hope it helps!  Check out some more gameplay here.

Looking for another tip?

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