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Oh the nights out….they were so much fun.  Going out with the fellas and having a few drinks.  Meeting people for the first time, but acting like we have been friends for years.  Talking to females too drunk to remember my name.  Ha, I didn’t even remember my name!  The stories I could tell would make for a very long blog post, but the best part of all of it would be the people starring in them….the homies.

My nights out wouldn’t have been nearly as fun (or memorable) without the fellas.  It was the only real reason I went out in the first place.  These days we don’t get out like that anymore.  I’m now married with a kid on the way, and a lot of my friends are in the same boat.  We have all grown up.  Now I don’t regret moving on in life, but I’m a firm believer that every man, even married ones, need “man time”.  We just need that life balance.  It’s the same for women.  The iconic “girls night out” just has to happen to help keep us all sane.  This is where online gaming comes in for me.

Online gaming (xbox live for me) pretty much saved my sanity.  It’s a way for me to still connect with the homies on a Friday night without putting my marriage at risk by doing well…stupid stuff.  It’s the perfect setup.  After spending the afternoon with the wife, I hop on late at night, put on my Triton head phones, and let the group raging commence!  In between complaining about lag, bad teammates, and anything that alleviates the fault from ourselves, we get to talk about the same stuff we always talk about.  You know the stuff…sports, women, kids, our wives, and just life in general…man stuff.  From the comforts of my living room I am able to let loose and just hang, but it’s so much more than just the conversations.  We are able to interact with each other.  Even though it doesn’t fully replace real life, when we play BF3 we run together.  We work together.  We laugh together.  We rage win together.

Of course, this only works if you want to play games in the first place.  It just so happens that all of us are pretty competitive, and love facing off with the thousands who sign on every weekend.  To us, Xbox Live is the married/lazy/raging man’s sports bar.  If you and the fellas (or ladies!) have settled down and are looking for a “marriage friendly” escape check out online gaming.  You might like it, but please note that online gaming shouldn’t completely replace your social life.  Nothing replaces in-person interaction.  Imagine trying to tailgate a football game on Xbox Live….


Nights Out and Online Gaming: How I Get My Man Time

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3 thoughts on “Nights Out and Online Gaming: How I Get My Man Time

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  2. siton says:

    Sometimes you just got to suck it up to reality and accept that you don’t have as much time as you used to do and what you guys are doing is a good way to stay in touch. Coming from a person who used to completely neglect social life to an online gaming-life, I’ll keep this in mind when my married times comes 🙂

    • WesdaBlogger says:

      Very true! And that’s a hard thing to come to terms with at first. To go from not a care in the world to real responsibilities. But like you said, just got to suck it up.


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