Making my Kinect Useful – Nike+ Kinect Training Day One

So everybody thinks the Kinect is useless huh?  Well…..I do too, but I refuse to let my investment go unused.  So I decided to pick up Nike+ Kinect training and give it a go.  


The Facts:

  • I use this as a supplement to my current weight lifting exercises. Three days Kinect, Three days Gym.
  • I have a semi-athletic build (emphasis on semi) so don’t expect huge numbers.
  • I am on the strength building program.

Day 2 

I would love to tell you that workout 2 went waaaaayyyy better, and I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Unfortunately, that just wasn’t the case.  Today was cardio day. I suck at cardio.

Started off with a 12 workout warm-up.  Since the focus was on cardio there weren’t many breaks between warm-ups.  The point was to get my blood flowing and my body loose.  Could have just gave me a beer but okay….  Right after the intense warm-up, my Kinect Trainer went on to let me know that it was indeed a warm-up and we are now ready for the actual workout.  Did I mention that I thought that WAS the actual workout.

My core workout was a very fast paced set of about 12 different workouts.  There were also two mini games mixed in there for maximum effectiveness.  They had me jumping, getting on the ground, lunging, and running in place with no breaks in between.  Right after finishing all of this they proceeded to have me do it all again.  (Not optional this time)

After the core workout I was then asked if I wanted to do it again.  Hell no.  I went on to do the end workout challenge and beat my personal high by two points.

First day 32

Second day 34

Making progress!

Come back next week for my next update!

Happy Holidays!

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