Making my Kinect Useful – Nike+ Kinect Training Day One

So everybody thinks the Kinect is useless huh?  Well…..I do too, but I refuse to let my investment go unused.  So I decided to pick up Nike+ Kinect training and give it a go.  


The Facts:

  • I use this as a supplement to my current weight lifting exercises. Three days Kinect, Three days Gym.
  • I have a semi-athletic build (emphasis on semi) so don’t expect huge numbers.
  • I am on the strength building program.

Day 1

Up until today I thought I was in great shape.  I already workout, I have an athletic background, and well…I’m a man!  

I took a major shoot to my ego with this one.  We started off with a series of warm up drills.  I think about 10-12 workouts in total.  All were meant to wake the muscles and get my blood flowing.  Not only was my blood flowing, but my heart was about ready to jump out of my chest!  Maybe I should have picked the endurance program.

After getting my ass handed to me through the warm up we moved on to the core exercises of my program.  Once again, there were about 10-12 workouts in total.  The workouts were pretty intense.  Between the complexity of each workout and the pace expected, I was really sweating.  Then the trainer asked if I was ready to do it all over again…..hell no.

Next came the end workout challenge.  After taking just about every ounce of energy out they hit you with this.  It’s optional of course, but I want to get the most out of this workout (and my Kinect).  It was a complex set of workouts ranging from running in place, lunges, jumping lunges, and squats all done at an extremely fast pace.  I didn’t last very long.

This first day really put me in my place and broke down my manly ego.  Coming in not only did I think I was the man, but  I also didn’t have much faith in the Kinect’s abilities.  Boy was I wrong.

Come back Friday for my next update!

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