Far Cry 3 Single Player Review – The Best Game I’m not Playing

Have you ever owned a game that seemed to do everything well, but you just weren’t motivated to play it?  Life cutting into your play time, a backed up game catalog (guilty), or you’re just tired of the genre in general (guilty again!).  Whatever your reason may be, you just can’t seem to sit down and beat that game.  Not a shot at the game itself.  Actually the contrary.  You love the game and totally recommend it.  I know it might be confusing or just sound crazy, but this is my current situation with the recently released Far Cry 3.  

Far Cry 3

The Breakdown  

Our review system is simple. We make a list of things that matter to us and provide our opinion for each point.  Nothing fancy.  We aren’t gaming editors.  we R gamerz….enjoy! 

Our Video Review!


The foundation is pretty simple.  A group gets lost/kidnapped on a island and one person steps up and attempts to save them all blah blah blah.  Where it falls apart lies in Ubisoft’s attempt at making this story unique.  What started off as a dark and mature experience quickly switches to talk of tattoos, ancient warriors, and fulfilling destinies.  I wish they would have stuck with the dark mature approach and left the extra details out.  I also had a hard time believing my character wasn’t already a trained killer.  I mean he did sound terrified, but I was a killing machine right out the gate.  Things weren’t all bad though.  Far Cry 3 has some of the best characters ever. Vaas was especially enjoyable.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes down as one of the most badass villains in gaming history.

Final verdict….weak story with strong characters.


This is where Far Cry 3 shined for me.  This game was a ton of fun.  I spent hours just running around causing mayhem and never got bored.  (Alligator hunting was my favorite)  One of my major complaints about Far Cry 2 was the fact that they built that huge world, but hardly put anything in it.  You could hear animal life all around but good look seeing it.  With FC3 I felt like someone or something was always around me.  It made the world seem more alive.  My only complaint in this department was how the shooting action felt.  Your character movements were a little clunky and response time was a little off.  Sometimes I felt like the game didn’t keep up my controller.

Final verdict…alot of fun, but the controls could use some work.  Not game breaking though. 


I’m still trying to figure out how they fit a world this big with this much color and detail on one disc and got it to play on my Xbox 360.  This game has some of the best looking visuals I’ve seen in a while.  It became habit to stop at every high cliffside and take in the view.  With that said you can clearly tell which characters are important and which aren’t. The ones that matter look great.

Final verdict….it’s a great looking game. 

Wrap Up

If this is your kind of game I almost insist you give it a try.  If the weak story (my opinion) doesn’t sound like a deal breaker, Far Cry 3 has the potential to be your favorite holiday title.  As for me, maybe after I finish Skyrim and get tired of Halo 4 I will have the energy to give this game another go.

 My final verdict…the best game I’m not playing. 

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